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The Travel Tipping Point: Cruises

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Cruising Antarctica  - Image by Sandra Walser

Cruising Antarctica on the Antarctica XXI – image by Sandra Walser

I have this pet theory about travel. I believe that if we hear something positive that challenges our previous perceptions of a destination or holiday style, it lodges in our brains, but right at the back, where it can dwell quietly for a long time if left undisturbed.

When that idea is reinforced by further positive messages or images a second time our interest is piqued – but the third time we hear good things about this place or way to travel we decide we MUST try it for ourselves and it jumps right to the top of our travel wish lists.

That’s what I call the travel tipping point, and I think it’s just happened for me with cruising. 

The Perfect Place To Stay On Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula: Blue Osa Yoga Retreat

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Blue Osa

The pool and spa area at Blue Osa

If there’s one thing I always thought sounded like a great thing to do one day, you know, in the future, it was a yoga retreat. But now that I’ve tried a week-long beach side yoga retreat on Costa Rica’s unspoiled Osa Peninsula, all I can say is don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today…

How To Do Ibiza Off Season

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Ibiza Off Season

Ibiza’s beaches and laid-back vibe started to attract visitors in the 1960’s and Europe’s answer to California’s hippies flocked there, but since then the White Island’s reputation has been primarily one of clubbing and nightlife.

But step away from the built-up resorts and bar action and visit off season when the clubs are closed and there is another Ibiza to discover, with pine tree-backed beaches, coastal walking trails and rural landscapes, dotted with charming villages and white churches straight out of a picture postcard.

Not everyone knows just what a delight it is to explore Ibiza off season, but if you’d like to be one of them, here’s how to do it…

I Know What I Did Last Summer – 7 Secret Sunny Moments From My 2014 Travels

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Lying by a pool, the kind of thing one usually does come summer

Lying by a pool, the kind of thing one usually does come summer

In my previous post I got all nostalgic about summer and highlighted 7 spectacular spots from my summer months in British Columbia – but even though I’m happily embracing Autumn (complete with at least 7 pairs of boots to assist me) I’m still singing the praises of some of last season’s most special memories.

Here are my top 7 secret summertastic spots selected from my last few months’ travels in Europe and Central America…

I Know What I Did Last Summer – My Top 7 Secret Sunny Spots in British Columbia

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The sun has set on summer

The sun sets on summer over Vancouver

It turned out to be sunny every Sunday in September. Every week I clung onto the dying days of summer wondering each time if the sun had finally set on the last sunny Sunday of summer. 

As well as making for some hella awesome alliteration , this got me to thinking (Carrie Bradshaw style as usual, just with a slightly cheaper shoe collection) that saying sayonara to summer might also make for a beautiful blog post.

So I decided to detail my favourite 14 sun-drenched memories from my travels in summer 2014.

In the second post I’ll be covering the secret sunny spaces I found in Europe and Central America, but here in the first installment I share my 7 secret summertastic spots near my home in British Columbia…

In Photos: A (Damp) Day At Slovenia’s Lake Bled

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

When we travel we always hope for picture-perfect weather, and seek out postcard-worthy images, but perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing that I visited Slovenia’s most famous lake, which has a reputation as an Alpine fairytale location, on a day when the weather was wet, and the area shrouded in mystical clouds – meaning it was almost bereft of tourists despite being high season.

So no classic holiday brochure blue skies and sunshine in these shots, but instead an atmospheric photographic journey in and around Lake Bled. If you’re still happy to come along maybe bring a brollie…