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In Photos: Seeing Sunrise Over Arizona From The Skies – In A Hot Air Balloon

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, Arizona, Continents, USA, Worldwide Vacation

At the annual Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival in Yuma, Arizona

At the annual Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival in Yuma, Arizona

Hot air ballooning has the unique ability to turn even the most seasoned traveller into an excited little child.

I am that grinning kid the day I climb inside a wicker basket to take to the skies of Yuma, Arizona, where the USA meets Mexico, surrounded by a fleet of multi-coloured inflatable flying machines as part of the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival.

The Difference Between Luxury and Paradise Is Long Spoons

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Opinion


Spoons as art at the Kimpton Amara Hotel in Sedona

Have you heard the Buddhist parable of heaven and hell? The tale goes that in hell all the tortured souls sit at tables heaving with delectable food which they can enjoy to their heart’s content without ever getting full.

It doesn’t sound too bad until you learn the only rule - they must eat everything with metre-long spoons, which of course makes it impossible for them to feast on a single morsel.

In heaven, there is the same table, the same food, and the same rule, but the difference is the people have learned to feed each other.

Here I explain why I believe finding the right people with which to share your travel experiences can make the difference between a heavenly and a hellish trip  - and how this really does go double when you’re travelling solo. 

Memories of Portugal’s Picturesque Alentejo

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Sunset at Almendres Magalithic Site

Sunset at Almendres Magalithic Site, Portugal’s Alentejo

Mention Portugal and its Lisbon that’s on everybody’s lips, occasionally the Algarve and possibly Porto.

The hilltop towns, cork farms and deserted beaches of the Alentejo are a mystery to most – they’re the most magical part of Portugal that you’ve never heard of.

These are my most treasured memories of the Alentejo…

How To Put The ‘Been Crabbing’ into BC – Fishing In British Columbia For Fun

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, British Columbia, Canada, Continents, Opinion, Vancouver

Could I be any more delighted that I caught a crab?

Could I be any more delighted that I caught a crab?

British Columbia’s mountain-and-coast nature is of course its major draw, so much so that BC’s latest tourism campaign is entitled ‘Super, Natural British Columbia’  – and a big part of that super, natural lure is the amazing fishing on offer.

One of the local pastimes to which I’ve been well and truly converted (as well as camping) is fishing in British Columbia – particularly crabbing – because once you’ve tasted the crab that comes out of these waters it really is hard to turn back.

Here’s how to grab a taste of local Dungeness crab for yourself…

Stylish Sihanoukville – 6 Ways To Stay Chic In Cambodia’s Beach Town

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Asia, Cambodia, Opinion, Worldwide Vacation


Sihanoukville’s Sokha Beach

Sihanoukville and style aren’t two concepts that always go together.

But while some tourists feel that Cambodia’s coastal town isn’t worth visiting  - its reputation precedes it and not always in a good way - I’ve always loved spending time in so-called ‘Snooky’. In fact I think Sihanoukville is one of South-East Asia’s most under-rated beach resorts.

Trust me, there’s more to this gap year enclave known as ‘SinVille’ than bars and backpackers - you just have to know where to look to find Sihanoukville’s stylish side.

Start by looking here…