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The Perfect Place to Stay in Manila – The Fairmont Makati

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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The pool at The Fairmont Hotel, Makati

The pool at The Fairmont Hotel, Makati

I’m just going to come right out and say it, Manila’s Fairmont Makati is my new favourite hotel in the world. In fact it isn’t really a hotel, it feels like a destination in and of itself.

Manila may not be the first place that springs to mind for a relaxing break, but after a stay at The Fairmont Makati you can’t help but feel serene – and in an Asian mega city with this much traffic and pollution, that’s no mean feat.

Towering over the epicentre of Makati, Metro Manila’s shopping, cultural and business hub, the Fairmont occupies the same exclusive plot as sister hotel Raffles, and guests can sashay between the two hotels seamlessly, popping into Raffles’ Long Bar at sundown for the Manila twist on its famous Singapore Sling, the Makati Luxury Sling gilded with pure 24 carat gold flakes.

The original Singapore Sling (left) and the Makati Luxury Sling

The original Singapore Sling (left) and the Makati Luxury Sling

Rooms are everything you’d imagine of a hotel of this standard – uber comfortable, refined, plush and inviting, the beds are sink-into-them-and-sigh comfy (in fact I caught myself sighing out loud with delight on more than one occasion), the linen somehow crisp yet soft, the towels fluffy yet absorbent. The colour palette is neutral, sophisticated and luxurious, the fixtures and fittings are of the no-expense-spared variety, down to the solid silver waste paper bins.

And because the hotel is brand new – it only opened in November 2012 – everything is extra perfect and as shiny as can be.

Lounge at Fairmont Makati

The lounge at Fairmont Makati

Amenities include an above-average hotel standard hairdryer – I had good hair for the first time in 3 weeks of travelling – espresso machine and kettle, fully stocked bar and refrigerator, full connectivity kit to banish any communication woes, and nice little touches like a fold out charging station in the nightstand.

An upgrade to the Fairmont Gold club will give you an extra level of comfort and service including access to the 7th floor Gold Lounge which serves breakfast in ideal work-friendly surroundings and has hors d’oeuvres come evening plus you’ll get complimentary afternoon tea in the lounge and a host of other touches of preferential treatment.

The Afternoon Tea at The Fairmont Makati

The Afternoon Tea at The Fairmont Makati – can you see that mini eclair? It was incredible!

There’s a rooftop urban oasis of a pool on the 4th floor which gives you the feeling of decadence that comes only from swimming amongst a pulsating Asian metropolis as it goes about its business below you.

On site is also a gym and a spa, pampering guests with Aromatherapy Associates goodies if you’ve any residual stress that needs to be soothed away but considering everything is answered with a simple ‘yes’ by hotel staff there’s a limit to how stressed any resident can be.

Aromatherapy Associates products at the Fairmont Spa

Aromatherapy Associates products at the Fairmont Spa

Forget having to do anything for yourself – I asked where to buy stamps or find the post office and my postcards of Philippine jeepneys ready to be sent to the folks back home were whisked out of my hands for posting with as much care as the most important business document.

Reception desk at Fairmont Makati

Reception desk at Fairmont Makati

From directions to wherever you need to go to information on where to change money, plus ensuring a car is ready to take you to the airport when that sad moment comes it’s all done smilingly by concierge Rey, and I begin to wonder what I will do at home without him.

He and the team will make your travel stresses a thing of the past – unless you’re headed for another Fairmont or Raffles hotel on check out. If not life will take some adjusting to I can tell you.

High Points

The shopping malls in Makati

Shopping malls in Makati near the Fairmont

Where to begin? The staff’s attentiveness and efficiency really does exceed expectations – which are already high with a hotel of this calibre. You can basically leave every single one of your worries at the door as you enter.

The location can’t be bettered, especially if shopping is on the agenda. Pure unadulterated comfort is what you’ll get and if you want to see the best of Manila there couldn’t possibly be a better base.




Low Points

It is a struggle to think of one, unless over-attentiveness is a flaw. Also as beautiful as the bar areas are, they’re not a destination for the party crowd, so after a quiet drink or two you’ll need to move on if you want to party the night away, which you can do not too far away at one of Manila’s clubs like the famous 7th High.

Images of The Fairmont, Makati

Images of The Fairmont, Makati

Hotel Details

Fairmont Makati

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
Makati City

Toll Free: 800 0441 1414

TEL + 632 555 9888
FAX + 632 555 9899
[email protected]


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