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  • Wiltshire Weekend

    Wiltshire Weekend

    How to have the perfect weekend in the UK’s rural yet accessible county of Wiltshire.
    From safari adventures accross Salibsury Plain and the epic sight of Stonehenge to the dizzy heights of Salisbury Cathedral’s record-breaking spire, this easy British short break in on point.

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  • Montenegro


    Find out why the tiny Balkan country that nobody has heard of is suddenly on everyone’s lips.

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  • Bristol For Foodies

    Bristol For Foodies

    Bristol bites! When it comes to UK cities, eating your way West is best.

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  • Loch Lomond For Lovers

    Loch Lomond For Lovers

    Epic views, heavenly hotels, walking and whisky – share it all with someone you love using this couples guide to one of Scotland’s most famous loch-ations.

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  • Around The World Via Amsterdam

    Around The World Via Amsterdam

    Alternative and worldly ideas for anyone planning a layover in the Dutch Capital

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  • Menorca


    Sleepier than its Balearic neighbours this Mediterranean isle boasts impeccable unspoiled coastlines and Caribbean-worthy coves.

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Ah! You have a real sense of adventure, you don’t do as you’re told and you definitely don’t follow convention, I like that. Keep it up.

I’m a bit of a rebel too so if you want to go globetrotting as well, here’s a list of all the countries and territories I’ve been to.

See which best suits your own adventurous side…