• Utah Saints

    Shopping and supping in Salt Lake City without mention of the Mormons and a tour of the 'reel' Wild West of the movies on horseback in Moab - Utah has something unforgettable for saints and sinners.

    Utah really does rock, and not just the geology.



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Giveaway! English High Tea In BC – Win Vancouver Ladies Day Out Tickets Valued At Over $200

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Ladies High Tea

Tea for Two, For Free?

We Brits love our tea, you probably knew that.

But did you know England has a unique tea-related electrical phenomena called TV pickup? Yes at the end of popular TV shows the entire nation gets up en masse up to put the kettle on and make a cuppa – creating spikes in demand that require special backup power stations – and we even ask the French to keep some extra electricity on hand in case we run out.

We really are that obsessive about tea.

Of course the concept of High Tea is even more quintessentially British than post-soap-opera power surges – so if you fancy taking your tea with a side order of Champagne and scones, enjoying it with live entertainment instead of plain old telly, and getting dressed to the nines with your girlfriends to be seated in the swish surroundings of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver rather than at home on your sofa, why not grab these tickets to Vancouver’s most quintessentially British High Tea event.

*Enter below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to this year’s event on September 27th*

The Best of Brazil’s Big Cities: In Search of Slick São Paulo

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São Paulo

São Paulo Skyline

We Brits do love an underdog – and as an urban-travel-obsessed English person there’s nothing I like more than an underrated destination – or what I term an ‘underdog city’.

Yes show me a metropolis that tourists tend to to stay away from and I’ll find a way to love it – so when I visited Brazil, it wasn’t just Rio I was ready for, I made sure my time in South America included the swanky, sprawling skyscraper city of São Paulo

Drive The Entire USA West Coast (& back again) In 3 Minutes

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West Coast Road Trip

Weed, California – I challenge anyone not to snigger just a little.

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately – that’s because I’ve been been planning adventures and spending time thinking about a few of my favourite things.

Yes, I do love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens as much as the next girl (unless the next girl is actual Julie Andrews) and while it isn’t the season for snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, it is the season for one of my favourite things of all: R-O-A-D-T-R-I-P-S.

As I head off on a little adventure through Canada’a answer to the Alps to check out the skyscraper and Stetson city of Calgary, I thought it might be time to share a mini-montage of my last epic road journey – a mammoth drive down the entire USA West Coast.

I did it over 4 weeks, but you can experience it in just 3 minutes

The Travel Tipping Point: Patagonia, Chile

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Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Chile

I am a big believer that 3 is the magic number. The so-called rule of three exists because as humans we are constantly looking for patterns and 3 is the smallest number that can constitute a pattern to our brains.

It just so happens that 3 is the killer combination for many things – comedy writers know the third segment of the joke is where the real gag always lies – and from the 3 little pigs to famous quotes (I came, I saw, I conquered), look closely and you’ll find that 3 is always a powerful number.

So when a destination pops up three times in a row it triangulates on my travel radar and I find it hard not to go into trip planning mode. Right now Patagonia is on the third strike, motivating me to dig out these images from my trip there a decade ago.

The Perfect Place To Stay In Sedona: The Amara Resort & Spa

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Amara Resort & Spa, Sedona, Arizona

The Amara Resort & Spa, Sedona, Arizona

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, right? Well sometimes, wrong.

When the destination is Arizona’s famed scenic and sacred red rock panorama, specifically the high class hippy hiking mecca of artsy Sedona, and that final section of your journey is a spine-tingling first glimpse of looming rocks under the cloak of darkness, then the journey is forgotten and it’s very much about the out-of-this-world place at which you’ve now arrived.

My Top 4 Stars And Stripes Photos For July 4th

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, Arizona, California, Continents, Hawaii, Photo Journeys, USA, Utah

American Flag

The Stars and Stripes hanging on a restaurant wall in Utah

I usually have my own special reason to celebrate American Independence Day  - just like the famous movie title, my little brother was born on the 4th of July. And while he isn’t American (or even English like me) and is now far from being a little boy, he did turn out to be a military man, and a real hero.

But while I could probably compile a post of family photos of my brother in action around the world (future post idea there), I think we can all agree that a photo essay of the good old Stars and Stripes is what you (and undoubtedly he) would rather see this weekend.

After contributing an image to Carpe Travel’s annual post celebrating American Independence Day though travel writers’ photos of the flag, I just couldn’t resist sharing a selection of my own Stars and Stripes photos with you too.

10 Tips To Help Cut The Cost Of A Holiday To Canada

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holiday to Canada

Cut the cost of a holiday to Canada with these tips.

They say the best things in life are free, and that really does go double for the land of the double-double (that’s a Canadian way of ordering coffee to the uninitiated) – but with these money saving tips, you could cut the cost of that Canadian coffee as well as every other aspect of your trip to Canada, in half and half.

24 Hours In Salt Lake City – A Sinful Saturday In The City of Saints

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Decades Vintage 24 hours in Salt Lake City

Display at Decades Vintage Emporium Salt Lake City

Utah’s capital may be best known for the Church of The Latter Day Saints, but this one million-strong metropolis makes an equally suitable city break setting for would-be sinners in search of urban indulgence.

From quirky shopping to secret street food, luxury hotels to lattes, it’s time to check-in your preconceptions at the door and check-out the fun you can have in 24 hours in Salt Lake City