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3 (Free) Things I Miss About London

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in England, London

Sunset over the Thames

Sunset over the Thames

When we think of a big city like London we automatically think of the headline attractions that make it famous – and we tend to assume that a trip to the big smoke has to cost the earth.

For me moving away from London has highlighted the fact that the best things in life, and in London, really are free.

Here are three things about my home town that I really miss, but which don’t cost anything to experience once you’ve touched down in London Town…

My 14 Most Memorable Travel Moments of 2014

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, British Columbia, Canada, England, Europe, Ljubljana, London, News, Opinion, Photo Journeys, Slovenia, United Kingdom, USA, Vancouver Island, Worldwide Vacation

Pins on a map

Some years I’ve travelled farther afield, some years I explored a little closer to home, but every year I consider myself a traveller. That’s because wherever I go, I’m always looking for change and adventure.

This year I changed where ‘home’ was – instead of London, England it was Vancouver, Canada – meaning adventure has been built into my day to day life this year like never before, rather than being bolted on via travel – and this turned my lifelong travel style completely on its head for 2014…

4 Favourite Ways to Travel More and spend less in 2015

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Opinion

The Nugget, Reno, Nevada

Want to save a few nuggets on travel this year?

Oprah Winfrey once defined the moment she knew she’d really made it thus: she laddered a single stocking and simply threw the whole pair in the bin. Previously she would set aside the good one to make half of a new pair one day. She said it took her years of being incredibly wealthy to shake this habit and bung the perfectly good stocking in the bin with its laddered leg-mate.

The point of the anecdote is that no matter how rich you may be, it’s difficult to shake off the desire to be thrifty, and to deny the sense of achievement you get from saving a buck or two – and in my case, and I’m assuming yours too, this goes double for saving money on travel.

Where To Get a Soya Latte In San Jose, Costa Rica – Miel Cafe

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, Continents, Costa Rica, Food, Searching For Soya, Worldwide Vacation

Cafe Miel San Jose Costa Rica

I loved San Jose’s cute little Miel Cafe

There are some cities in the world where you fully expect to find a hipster crowd sucking down soya lattes while reading the papers on a Sunday afternoon.

San Jose, frankly, is not one of those cities.

So I was delighted to sack off the sightseeing for an hour when I literally stumbled upon the perfect place for a soya latte in the middle of the Costa Rican capital – and immediately settled in to snack on empenadas and eat homemade heart-shaped cookies. 

The Top 6 Sociable Travel Apps On My iPhone 6

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Opinion

On my phone in a helicopter

On my phone in a helicopter, is nowhere sacred? Photo by @fotoeins

All travel bloggers are used to the jokes about how anti social we really are.

We’re ribbed for not being able to look up from our smart phones long enough to hold a conversation, we’re accused of being surgically attached to our iPhones, and our friends and family sarcastically say that we love our devices more than we love them – or wonder if  we’d rather talk to someone online than someone sitting right in front of us in real life.

But ironically one of the best things about smartphones are the myriad of ways they connect us with other people, especially while on the road. 

So when my existing iPhone 5 waved goodbye to me this week and the idea of heading off on my month long USA Road trip without full phone functionality had me crying into my Google Maps, I went out and bought the new iPhone 6. 

These are the first 6 apps that I ensured were installed on my new device, they keep my travels as social as possible and help me meet up with interesting folks who finally make me put my phone down…

The Perfect Place To Stay In The Costa Rican Jungle – Rio Perdido

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, Continents, Costa Rica, Opinion, Perfect Places To Stay, Worldwide Vacation

Cocktails at Rio Perdido

Cocktails at Rio Perdido

Rio Perdido – literally meaning lost river – is one of those paradise hotels that you can’t quite believe exists this far off the beaten path; you wonder how anyone first discovers it while being simultaneously glad you did – and hopeful that not too many other people have been let in on the secret…