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Classic Canadian Lake Camping At Weaver Lake BC

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Camping at Weaver Lake BC

Weaver Lake BC

If you’re looking for a scenic yet rustic Canadian camping experience, within a 2 hour drive of downtown Vancouver – and one that doesn’t require a 4×4 to access - this small picturesque lake offering trout fishing, boat rental and hiking near Harrison Mills, is a great option for adventurous locals and holidaymakers alike.

Let me tell you about camping at Weaver Lake BC

Why I’m Excited to Instagram A Hotel That Doesn’t Exist

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, British Columbia, Canada, Food, Opinion

Athena Organic Farm + Eco Retreat

Athena Organic Farm + Eco Retreat’s design ethos is as lovely as its farming philosophy

When I first moved to BC from central London I had no idea just how different my life would be.

Like most city dwellers (and in this respect Londoners and Vancouverites are one and the same tribe) my idea of The Good Life was buying organic granola, and fair trade coffee, selecting only free range chicken and eggs from the shelves, and shopping at Whole Foods – when my Whole Paycheck allowed it. 

In BC I’ve embraced the #authenticliving we hear so much about in the Pacific Northwest and utilized all the space and greenery available by graduating to my own garden-grown vegetables, free range chickens and home-made fruit pies. And I even have a Hudson’s Bay blanket, like everyone’s favourite Instagram queen, I just don’t take it hiking with me.

So when I heard about a new eco retreat in the Okanagan set to open this summer on the site of an established organic farm, that combines the sustainable farming we all want to encourage with the chic stays we urbanites-at-heart yearn for, I had to find out more.

Because mentally, I’m already instagramming it…

Flash Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Feast On The Fraser River Festival – Enjoy Food & Floating On A Wine & Dine Cruise

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, British Columbia, Continents, Food, Vancouver

All Aborad the Paddlewheeler River Boat on the Fraser River

All Aborad the Paddlewheeler River Boat on the Fraser River

Calling Vancouver readers – would you like to do some sightseeing in your own city?

This week I have partnered with New Westminster’s latest food festival, Feast on the Fraser, to give away 2 tickets to one of their upcoming foodie events.

There are 12 different food-themed evenings coming up between 25th September and October 4th for the inaugural Feast on the Fraser Food Festival - and we want to give you a chance to enjoy one of them absolutely free, as you turn tourist for a night and take a sunset cruise on the beautiful Fraser River.

Enjoy an evening cruise on board the M.V. Native, an authentic paddlewheel riverboat, taking in the beauty of the Fraser River while being wined and dined as you sample Pacific Breeze Urban Winery’s award winning wines, paired with a seafood dinner. 

Sound good?

*Enter below for your chance to win  - but hurry, this flash giveaway ends in 7 days*

4 Famous European Places You Can Also Find In Florida

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, Continents, Florida, USA


I’ve been craving a trip to Florida lately – but not simply to visit the more obvious tourist meccas of Orlando, Miami and the beaches.

What began as a look at the travel blogging conference TBEX which this year is hosting it’s North American powwow in Fort Lauderdale, led to a little bit of research on Florida in general and the discovery of a surprising range of options for a European like me looking for a taste of home in the Sunshine State.

5 Things You Should Know About Iceland

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Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

The first time I visited Iceland I was blown away by the Nordic nation’s mysterious mix of Scandinavian-style scenery spread across a vast canvas of North American proportions.

As I plot a return visit, I’m reminded of my favorite things about the utterly unique island nation – here are the top 5 things I think you should know about Iceland…  

24 Hours In Calgary – A Day Horsing Around Cowtown

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Alberta, Americas, Art & Culture, Calgary, Canada, Continents, Food, Opinion, Worldwide Vacation

Stephen Avenue Calgary

Old and new architecture in downtown Calgary

Of all the clothes I own (in case you’re wondering, it’s a lot) those I buy on impulse, in a supermarket-sweep stylee, are the things I end up, if I can employ some Southeast Asian parlance here, loving longtime.

Maybe it’s the fact that when you’re in a hurry pure instinct takes over, but I’ve shopped for an outfit in 30 minutes in Manila and made better boutique choices than with a whole day at my disposal back home.

Sometimes travel works on the same principle; the less time you have to plan, the lower the expectations; the more you let your intuition be your guide, the better the outcome.

So I decide to try out the theory that when it comes to holiday planning less really is more, by heading to the Canadian city of Calgary armed with some Pounds (which get me a lot further now that each is worth $2) but zero plans.

During the world famous Calgary Stampede I would simply head for the 10 day long, 100 year old rodeo like everyone else, but on this smash and grab foray into the place they call Cowtown I decide to make like a horse and follow my nose…

Giveaway! English High Tea In BC – Win Vancouver Ladies Day Out Tickets Valued At Over $200

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, British Columbia, Competitions, Food, Vancouver

Ladies High Tea

Tea for Two, For Free?

We Brits love our tea, you probably knew that.

But did you know England has a unique tea-related electrical phenomena called TV pickup? Yes at the end of popular TV shows the entire nation gets up en masse up to put the kettle on and make a cuppa – creating spikes in demand that require special backup power stations – and we even ask the French to keep some extra electricity on hand in case we run out.

We really are that obsessive about tea.

Of course the concept of High Tea is even more quintessentially British than post-soap-opera power surges – so if you fancy taking your tea with a side order of Champagne and scones, enjoying it with live entertainment instead of plain old telly, and getting dressed to the nines with your girlfriends to be seated in the swish surroundings of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver rather than at home on your sofa, why not grab these tickets to Vancouver’s most quintessentially British High Tea event.

*Enter below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to this year’s event on September 27th*

The Best of Brazil’s Big Cities: In Search of Slick São Paulo

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São Paulo

São Paulo Skyline

We Brits do love an underdog – and as an urban-travel-obsessed English person there’s nothing I like more than an underrated destination – or what I term an ‘underdog city’.

Yes show me a metropolis that tourists tend to to stay away from and I’ll find a way to love it – so when I visited Brazil, it wasn’t just Rio I was ready for, I made sure my time in South America included the swanky, sprawling skyscraper city of São Paulo