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4 Really Romantic Things To Do In Rome

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Trevi Fountain Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome

When interviewing a native Roman hotelier who’d set up a boutique hotel in Cambodia I learned a little about her home city. She said in her charming Italian accent: ‘Your eyes are spoiled in Rome; living there you’re used to seeing beautiful things everywhere you look.’

Some years later when visiting Rome on a shopping trip I interviewed one of the city’s foremost jewellers, who helped me write a guide to buying diamonds in Rome.

Fabrizio Gentileschi put the Roman reputation for design into perspective explaining: ‘We have our style, we trust in our style and we believe in our style. You walk around Rome and on every corner you see a church, you see heritage. It’s a cultural thing – as Italians this heritage is in our DNA.’

Roman Holiday

Beauty is everywhere in Rome

You only need to spend a matter of of a few hours in Rome (and in fact almost anywhere in Italy) to see that style, glamour, effortless chic and romance are part of this innate DNA.

On any trip to the Italian Capital you’ll probably have the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica on your must-see list. The good news is that you’re likely to stumble on many of the more famous landmarks as you make your way around the city in search of some more romantic things to do in Rome.

COLOSSEUM jewellery

You can even get jewellery shaped like the Colosseum in Rome

There are some less obvious must see spots you should know about if you’re looking for a romantic itinerary in Rome, and as Rome is easily accessible and affordable for Brits, you can spend a little more time and money to make your partner feel like a princess (or prince!).

When in Rome: 4 Ideas For A Romantic Rendez-Vous In The Italian Capital

SEE: Seek Out A Special View

Secret Rome View

This is a top secret Rome viewpoint – shhhh

The Trevi fountain is a popular place in Rome for proposals  – but with 1001 other tourists clamouring for a fountain view, it might not be a very private place to pop the question.

Still if you’ve got your sights set on romance and looking for romantic things to do in Rome why not can make like the locals and head for a much less crowded spot to the West: Gianicolo.

Gianicolo view

The very different view from Gianicolo

In Rome there’s no shortage of dramatic viewpoints, as the city is built on 7 hills (Gianicolo doesn’t count here as it’s beyond the Tiber) so it’s easy to get a different panoramic view of the city from different areas. The official 7 hills are Aventino, Celio, Campidoglio, Esquilino, Palatino, Quirinale and Viminale in case you’re curious.

But if you want to really impress head to a very special spot at Via Nicolo Piccolomini which has a unique view of St. Peter’s which you won’t get anywhere else.

EAT: Fall In Love With Rome’s Food Scene, Alongside Your Favourite Person

Italian food

The couple who eat together stay together, right?

‘If music be the food of love…’ so the saying goes. But in my book food is the food of love – so what could be better while in the Eternal city than to make some memories together of the best kind. In other words, start eating. There’s another saying that goes: ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and I firmly believe this one to be true.

Food in Rome

Little neighbourhood foodie finds are easier to track down with a tour

There are lots of companies running food walking tours of Rome but Eating Italy has been around for a while and really know their stuff so why not hand over a few hours of your time in the city to some experts. If you’re a foodie couple then a visit to Eataly is always a great suggestion too.

SHOP: Browse For A Special Outfit In Rome’s Boutiques

wedding dress in Rome

Wedding dress shopping in Rome would be a dream

Given Rome’s unparalleled reputation for design there’s no getting away from a spot of shopping while you’re in town.

But forget images of bored husbands waiting grumily on sofas in Topshop; the beautiful boutiques which line the cobbled streets of this city will keep everyone enthralled, and as Italian men have a finely tuned sense of style the men’s outfitters will wow just as much as the women’s clothing shops.

men's shoes Rome

The shopping is just as good for the guys when in Rome

And if you’re really intent on taking the relationship to the next level, what could be better than browsing the bling and getting some ideas for your engagement ring? Buying your betrothed a diamond has to be the most romantic thing to do in Rome for any couple.

Or maybe Rome is so romantic you’re ready to tie the knot? The Catholic traditions of Italy combined with the Roman eye for glamour means that the dresses you’ll see here won’t be like anything you’ll find at Berketex.

CHILL: Walk Hand in hand Around the gardens of Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese

This art gallery literally looks like a wedding cake and the map of the grounds surrounding it is shaped like a heart but those aren’t the only reasons a saunter through the park of Villa Borghese is a romantic way to spend the day in Rome.

The tranquil and scenic setting is actually just a few minutes’ walk from the glam and exclusive Parioli area of Rome, but it couldn’t feel further removed from the city, and it’s easy to find a quiet bench or a place to watch the world go by with your loved one.

Villa Borghese map

Villa Borghese is a lovely place to spend some time

Savoirthere visited Rome as a guest of  Rome Tourism, and partnered with Dealchecker to produce this post.

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