Jaillan Yehia

My Top 10 London 2012 Pictures

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Olympic Stadium by Night London 2012

The Olympic Stadium by Night

It’s hard to capture the brilliance, exhilaration and atmosphere of London 2012 in words.

So here are my favourite London 2012 pictures – 10 images of London’s Olympics all taken with my own camera or iphone and all making me brim with pride at the amazing show London is putting on…

Murray winning gold at London 2012 Olympics

In a word: Hero

London 2012 foam finger

In a word: Finger

Tennis at London 2012

In a word: Wimbledon

RUN at Olympic village

In a word: RUN

USA Flag at London 2012

In a word: U-S-A

Williams sisters with Gold medal Olympics London 2012

In a word: Gold! (or Hair!)

Basketball at London 2012

In a word: De-Fence!

Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon Olympics 2012

In a word: Sulk

Hockey at London 2012

In a word: Goalies

Wimbledon crowd at London 2012

In a word: Thanks


And for a comedy bonus image let’s go for this:

Murray at Olympics 2012

In a word: Magic

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