Stylish Sihanoukville – 6 Ways To Stay Chic In Cambodia’s Beach Town

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Sihanoukville’s Sokha Beach

Sihanoukville and style aren’t two concepts that always go together.

But while some tourists feel that Cambodia’s coastal town isn’t worth visiting  – its reputation precedes it and not always in a good way – I’ve always loved spending time in so-called ‘Snooky’. In fact I think Sihanoukville is one of South-East Asia’s most under-rated beach resorts.

Trust me, there’s more to this gap year enclave known as ‘SinVille’ than bars and backpackers – you just have to know where to look to find Sihanoukville’s stylish side.

Start by looking here…

My Cambodian Cooking Class

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Shopping for vegetables in Siem Reap's local market

Shopping for vegetables in Siem Reap’s local market

Regular readers might have noticed that I tend to take a cooking class in almost every destination I visit; for me there’s now better way get under the skin of a country than to find out about the food.

Nowhere does this thrill me more than in South-East Asia, where a morning spent at the market and an afternoon (let’s face it, sweltering) in the kitchen adds a different dimension to the destination.

Whilst in Siem Reap I took a class at the renowned, locally-owned Tigre de Papier cooking school, and came away with a new sense of respect for Cambodian cuisine  – and a much better handle on how to prepare one of my favourite South-East Asian desserts, Mango and Sticky rice

Savoir There World Food Awards 2013

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Keeping food simple in Siem Reap

Keeping food simple in Siem Reap

As the year drew to a close I found myself writing a post recapping my favourite travel memories of 2013 and I learned a couple of things about myself in the process – firstly that many of my favourite moments of the year involve nature and animals, and secondly that when I’m not looking for an animal-related activity, I’m basically eating.

So to celebrate and commemorate all the fantastic food that I’ve enjoyed in the last 12 months I decided to hold my own mini world food awards based on all the places I’ve travelled to and eaten in during 2013. No golden envelopes or teary speeches here, just a list of my best eats of 2013…

Where To Have (And To Hold) Tarantulas In Phnom Penh – Romdeng Restaurant

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Holding a live Tarantula at Romdeng

Holding a live Tarantula at Romdeng

I arrive at Romdeng restaurant ten minutes late as is my wont, but on this occasion I can’t blame the Northern Line.

Rushing through the streets of Phnom Penh on foot has left me a lot more sweaty than my usual subterranean dashes to London restaurants and I’ve never found my dining companion to have taken the liberty of ordering a round of deep fried tarantulas while they’re waiting for me in Soho…

How To Do A 10 Point End Of Tax Year Assessment – Travel Blogger Style

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Happy New Year

Chinese New Year Sign at Le Creuset, Hong Kong

This week a brand new tax year started, and those in traditional jobs have been running year-end assessments and shuffling spreadsheets left, right and centre.

So I thought I’d do some rather taxing assessments of my own and calculate the 10 best things I’ve done this financial year, and their real value – monetarily and of course in less quantifiable ways.

Here they are, my top moments of the tax year ending April 5th 2013. According to my calculations it was a good one.

Would You Take Your Shoes Off At Pol Pot’s House?

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Flips flops outside Pol Pots house.

Flips flops outside the last Khmer Rouge stronghold – removed out of respect or habit?

Like everyone else, I take my shoes off and leave them in the pile before entering the last place Pol Pot ever lived, out here in the Northern Cambodian district of Anlong Veng, nestled against the Thai border.

But this small and typically Asian behavioral detail, usually meant as a form of respect, is going against every fibre in my body, as I struggle against the urge to replace my flip flops with a huge pair of imaginary boots and trample through a place which is already sending shivers down my spine. 

Angkor Not: A Photo Journey To Preah Vihear Temple

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Monk at Preah Vihear Temple

Monk at Preah Vihear Temple

The huge unspoiled Cambodian temple complex at Preah Vihear has long been the scene of animosity and fighting between Thai and Cambodian forces, but happily for those seeking an unspoiled temple experience it’s currently safe to visit.

And due to the contentious history of this site there’s just a tiny sprinkling of tourists here even today, making it a hugely contrasting experience to the craziness of the temples at Angkor Wat. 

I Didn’t Kiss A Girl, But I Still Liked It – My Stay At A Gay Resort

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Golden Banana Alley

Golden Banana Alley – named after the first hotel to open on the road

I don’t mean to pry but are you gay or are you straight? And how would you feel about staying in a gay-friendly resort if you’re the latter?

I’m a straight gal, so why have I been feeling completely at home at a self-proclaimed gay hotel? In true Carrie Bradshaw style I got to thinking…