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In Photos: 30 Reasons To Love Menorca

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Love Menorca

A cool souvenir from Cova d’en Xoroi

I really fell in love with Menorca on my recent trip to the island – so much so that I am seriously considering a repeat trip very soon, and am dreaming about house hunting there because it’s just that gorgeous.

So here are 30 reasons to love Menorca – little insights into why you can and should fall for the Balearic’s most tranquil island

I found a lot of reasons to love Menorca on my recent visit, and ever since returning I’ve been recommending Menorca to anyone who will listen  – that’s because after visiting for the first time I really do think this Balearic destination is pretty much the perfect place to take a holiday.

It’s got everything from good food to beautiful scenery and the all-important laid-back vibe we are all looking for in a vacation.


Menorca has a pretty laid back vibe

So I thought I’d list the reasons I’m recommending the destination to others – and not the ‘it’s only 2 hours flying time from the UK’ kind of reasons (although that’s a nice bonus) but more realistic little personal things I noticed that I just think just about anyone would love about taking their holidays on the island.

I’ve divided the reasons to love Menorca list into 5 categories: Food, Drink, Uniquely Menorcan, Scenery & Views and Towns & Cities – so if you’re into one particular thing you can skip straight to it!

What Does This Post Cover?

Reasons To Love Menorca: Food

Let’s get real; food is a huge part of life – and when you’re a real foodie (or let’s call it what it is in my case: just plain greedy!) good food is virtually essential if you’re going to really love a destination.

You’ll love…

1. The delicious cheese which is still made on the island

Menorcan cheese

Menorcan cheese is incredibly tasty and available all over the island  (hand model: Monica of The Travel Hack)

2. The fact that even the fruit and veg shops are gorgeous

Menorca fruit

There’s an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere you look

3. The beautiful seafood you find everywhere

Fresh Menorcan seafood

These prawns at Cafe Balear are local and absolutely delicious 

4. Being able to enjoy this seafood with the perfect view

Seafood in Menorca

Seafood always tastes about 100 times better next to the water, right?

5. Tasting the most amazing signature lobster soup

Menorcan lobster soup

This is one of Menorca’s specialty dishes

6. Spotting fresh citrus trees in the countryside

Good food literally grows on trees here

Good food literally grows on trees here

7. Seeing butcher’s shops that look like this

Love the idea that this is where you buy your meat, better than Tesco in my book

Love the idea that this is where you buy your meat, better than Tesco in my book

Reasons To Love Menorca: Drinks

Where food goes drinks follow, and if Menorca is great for food, it’s probably even better for an alcoholic tipple; from beer and wine to artisan gin, there’s lots to keep you tipsy as a tourist here.

You’ll love…

8. Tasting hand-made Menorcan Gin

Menorcan gin

Xoriguer makes gin on the island and is open for tastings

9. Realising that they don’t just make gin here – and then tasting everything else too


My new drinks cabinet basically

Find out more about Gin tasting in Menorca

10. Discovering that drinking gin isn’t just acceptable at lunchtime here, it’s *mandatory*

Gin Menorca

Lunch hour drinking = yes

11. Discovering there’s a brewery on the island

At last there's a locally-made beer in Menorca

At last there’s a locally-made beer in Menorca

12. The stylish design of the local wine’s labels

Menorca wine

These labels are so cute

Reasons To Love Menorca: Uniquely Menorcan

There are a few things you can do on Menorca that you just cannot do anywhere else in the world – and these are the three I loved most and think…

You’ll love…

13. Buying Pretty Ballerinas at the factory store

Pretty Ballerinas Menorca

These famous shoes are made in Menorca and you can buy them at massive discounts at the factory store

Read: Behind The Scenes At Pretty Ballerinas

14. Spotting – and maybe even riding – Menorcan Horses

Menorcan horse

Menorquin horses are also known as Cavall Menorquí and they’re part of the island’s culture and tradition

15. Buying hand-made Avarcas sandals in the place they were invented

Avarcas Menorca

You can still buy hand made Avarcas at the Port in Mahon at S’Abarca den Toni, but other shops on the island sell multiple styles and colours, like AvarcaPOP in Mahon.

Reasons To Love Menorca: Scenery and views

One of the reasons Menorca is so special as a holiday destination is due to its unspoiled nature and stunning scenery, and some of the things I guarantee you’ll love about Menorca are the natural landscapes and beautiful views you’ll stumble upon.

You’ll love…

13. This one’s obvious: the beaches

Menorca beach

It’s stating the obvious but the beaches are lovely

Check out: 10 Things To Do In Menorca Beyond The Beach

14. The vineyards dotted around the countryside


There are 8 bodegas on Menorca; this is Hort Sant Patrici

15. The dramatic rocky outcrops

Menorca scenery

Lloyd from Hand Luggage Only contemplates the site of a shipwreck

16. The abundance of wildflowers

Menorcan wildflowers

Menorca is famous for its wildflowers – there are over 1400 species of plant recorded here

17. The whitewashed buildings


Blue skies, white buildings: a grand combination

18. The totally unspoiled views

Menorca view

Views from Menorca’s highest point

19. How much it caters to walkers

Things to do in Menorca: Walking

You can walk the entire circumference of the island on the Camí de Cavalls

20. Learning about the British history of the island

Fort Marlborough

Menorca’s Fort Marlborough has pretty good views

21. Seeing boats bobbing about everywhere

Menorca boat

Boats + Blue seas + Bluer skies = happy days.

Reasons To Love Menorca: Old Towns and Cities

Menorca has the perfect layout for tourism – there are two equally picturesque cities at either end of the island  – Mahon and Ciutadella – and each is a similar size, meaning there’s a delightful old town to explore even if you don’t feel like driving the whopping 45 minutes to reach the opposite end.

22. Finding secret gardens in church courtyards

Reasons to love Menorca

So peaceful

23. Getting lost down narrow alleys

Menorcan street

Just begging to be explored don’t you think?

24. Soaking up the cafe culture

Menorca cafe

Pavement cafes are perfect

25. Noticing just how quiet the streets are


Even the cities are tranquil

26.  The cycle-friendly nature of the cities

Cycling in Menorca

Menorca’s streets are very bike friendly

And finally…

30. Contemplating a last Mediterranean sunset as you leave Menorca

sunset Menorca

Sunset as I left Menorca: sad face.

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