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In Photos: Lake Havasu’s Secret $2 Sunset Cruise

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Lake Havasu Sunset

There are plenty of ways to get out onto the water of Lake Havasu – in fact this part of Arizona is probably most famous as a water sports paradise, hosting the jet skiing world championships each year.

But if you’re looking for a romantic interlude rather than an adrenaline-fuelled adventure on Arizona’s 20,000 acre lake, this simple $2 ferry ride at sunset has to be both the most scenic and the best value that Lake Havasu has to offer.

The Lake Havasu Landing ferry ride takes you from the Arizona shores of Lake Havasu across the Colorado River to the other side of the water, and into the State of California – not bad for $2 – and that’s for a return trip.

Lake Havasu Ferry

Waiting to board the ferry at London Bridge

Time it just right and you’ll get a lot of bang for your two bucks – starting with a 17 minute ferry ride offering daylight views of the lake and river, with the peaks of the Mohave Mountains in the distance.


You’ll also pass some of Lake Havasu’s signature lighthouses, of which there are 20 in total, making Lake Havasu City the most lighthouse-heavy city in the entire USA – odd when you consider that Arizona is completely land-locked.


The diminutive lighthouses are one-third scale replicas of full-sized lighthouses found elsewhere in the States, and each one is a fully-functioning navigational aide, designed to help boaters on the lake while looking picturesque at the same time.


The ferry ride ends when you reach the casino side of the lake – which is also accessible by private boat and has plenty of moorings should you plan on bringing your own pleasure craft.


The ferries leave the LHC side of the water on the hour, meaning if you’re not up for a spot of gambling you can simply board the next return boat on the half hour, and sit back and enjoy your sunset cruise – complete with spectacular views of the surrounding scenery, as well as of other lake users enjoying their own time on the water in a slightly more hands-on way.





More Info

IMG_6675The timetable for the Lake Havasu Landing Resort and Casino ferry is available online, though the sailings are fairly simple – on the hour from London Bridge and on the half hour from the Casino.

Even if you don’t wish to spend time at Lake Havasu landing you will need to disembark the ferry and re-board with fellow passengers joining from the California side.

The 4 pm and 5 pm departures will work best for those who want to catch the sunset – and don’t worry you won’t get stuck, the boats come back well into the night as the casino is open until 12.30 am weekdays and 2.30 am on weekends.

For more information check out the genuinely helpful tourism website Go Lake Havasu


SavoirThere was a guest of Go Lake Havasu

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