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My Top 4 Stars And Stripes Photos For July 4th

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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American Flag

The Stars and Stripes hanging on a restaurant wall in Utah

I usually have my own special reason to celebrate American Independence Day  – just like the famous movie title, my little brother was born on the 4th of July. And while he isn’t American (or even English like me) and is now far from being a little boy, he did turn out to be a military man, and a real hero.

But while I could probably compile a post of family photos of my brother in action around the world (future post idea there), I think we can all agree that a photo essay of the good old Stars and Stripes is what you (and undoubtedly he) would rather see this weekend.

After contributing an image to Carpe Travel’s annual post celebrating American Independence Day though travel writers’ photos of the flag, I just couldn’t resist sharing a selection of my own Stars and Stripes photos with you too.

I’ve been lucky enough to go on two USA road trips in the last two years – a road trip to California and an epic two-month exploration of the States driving from Vancouver to Texas and back. Here are my four favourite iconic images of the flag flying in the US of A.

1. The General Patton Memorial Museum, California

General Patton Museum

General Patton Museum, Chiriaco Summit

A great example of how the best laid plans go to waste, and the notion that the highlights of travel are almost always the unplanned – and often at the time unwanted  – stops.

A random conspiracy of circumstances led me to discover that the General Patton Museum even existed and grab this very patriotic Stars and Stripes photo – a characteristically late departure from our previous destination, a decision to drive to our next overnight outpost via Joshua Tree National Park, and a suspicious noise emanating from the car all conspired to see us pull over at Chiriaco Summit service station where we discovered not just the fascinating tanks and military memorabilia of this museum but also the best souvenirs of my entire trip at the neighboring antique store.

2. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon

Flag flying, photographers snaping at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is of course one of the USA’s most epic destinations (though I like to sing the praises of Moab, Utah which stands in for the Grand Canyon in films like Thelma & Louise) and even visiting during low season you do share many of the viewpoints with a large number of fellow travellers.

So I was happy to capture a quiet moment when a fellow photographer – helpfully donning a bright red jacket – started taking pictures over the precipice.

3. A Patriotic Porch, Moab, Utah

porch flag

They keep the flags flying on the home front in Utah

I tried something a little different here in Moab, Utah, swapping hotel living for an adorable little neighbourhood B&B called Cali Conchitta where I snapped this shot of an archetypal Stateside porch and probably the most home-is-where-the-heart is of my Stars and Stripes photos – it is pictures like this that make me want to stop travelling and settle down with a quaint porch and rocking chairs of my very ownsome and spend summers sipping iced tea.

 4. London Bridge at Lake Havasu, Arizona

Lake Havasu

London Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona

One of the most memorable things I did during my entire two-month trip to the USA last year was walk across the very London Bridge which spanned the Thames in my parents’ day, at its new (well new since the 70’s) home in Lake Havasu City, where this London landmark is the focal point of the area, and the source a lot of local pride.


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