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6 Stylish Things To Do Near Paphos, Cyprus

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Beyond the beach in the Pafos area of Cyprus

Beyond the beach in the Paphos area of Cyprus

You’ve probably written off Cyprus as a pure sun, sea and sand destination – full of Brits wanting to see the view from a sun lounger, the inside of a few bars and little else.

That’s what I imagined  – and why despite being a short flight away from its year-round sun I’d eschewed Cyprus for years in favour of more upmarket, fashionable and enticing destinations. 

But on a recent trip to the island I set out to prove that there is a stylish side to Cyprus. Read my list of 6 stylish things to do near Paphos and see if I can change your mind too…

Paphos is Cyprus’s most famous resort and its biggest tourist draw. Ideal for a fly and flop, sure, but there had to be more to it? Make no mistake the island is home to a full range of karaoke bars, KFCs and ghetto-fabulous beach clubs but I discovered it is possible to swerve the masses and partake purely in a more discerning trip to the island.

So here is my list of 6 places to find your own style in Cyprus:

1 Promenade along the Paphos seafront

The promenade at Paphos

The promenade at Paphos

Paphos has recently won the bid to be European Capital of Culture 2017, and the city itself does have a fair amount to offer in the style stakes. Home to a good selection of shops and restaurants, the seafront promenade is by far the most stylish place for a saunter in the area. Stop for a frappe during the day or something stronger come evening. The section where the pedestrian promenade itself ends is even more stylish, as it’s home to Paphos’ best hotels, including the Almyra…

2 Spend a day at the Spa

Lunch at the Almyra, Paphos

Lunch at the Almyra, Paphos

Perfectly positioned overlooking the water and Paphos harbour, the 5 star Almyra hotel has modern contemporary décor and a full service on-site spa area, complete with infinity pool. It is the perfect spot to seek out an Ibiza vibe in Cyprus.

3 See the Blue Lagoon from your own speedboat

The crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon, Cyprus

The crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon, Cyprus

If you’re ready to swap relaxation for action, head to Latchi harbour and rent a speedboat, spending the day zipping between lagoons – including the truly breathtaking turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon – snorkelling, water-skiing  or just having lunch somewhere secluded out on the ocean.

4 Go wine tasting at a vineyard


The Dafermou Winery

Local Kommandaria wine was written about by Homer, drunk at Richard the Lionheart’s wedding and exported to European royal courts by the Knights Templar, so you can expect to find some fantastic wine, as well as some ancient history in the Cypriot wine villages making them a great place to go drinking in style. Try contemporary wineries like the Dafermou winery which boasts minimalist chic in it’s tasting rooms rather than the standard olde worlde charm.

5 Shop in the boutiques of Limassol

Lab cafe/bar Limassol

Lab cafe/bar Limassol

Limassol (also known as Lemesos) has been undergoing a €300-million transformation over the last few years which includes the building of a super-stylish marina at Limassol harbour. The covers haven’t come off most of the renovations yet, but an outdoor sculpture park along the seafront and a great shopping scene make Limassol worth a visit (just be aware that at the time of writing there’s still building work in the city as this is an ongoing project).

Head to Anexartisias Street which is the trendiest shopping street in Limassol with branches of international chains such as Zara, Starbucks, Charles & Keith and Stradivarius as well as a fashionable cafe/bar called Lab which is perfect for a post-shopping pick-me-up. Note that most shops close early on a Wednesday, around 3pm.

6 Be surrounded by priceless historic treasures at Paphos Archaeological Sight

Mosaics at the Pafos Archaeological site

Mosaics at the Paphos Archaeological site

A moment’s stroll from the restaurants and bars of the Paphos waterfront is the city’s real jewel, the original ancient 4th century city of Paphos now preserved as a sprawling site which will keep you enthralled for a few hours. Walk around admiring beautifully restored original mosaics in full view of the sea – but remember to bring a hat and protection from the sun, there’s no shade out here. Entry costs just 3.40 Euros and you can return again the same day with your ticket if you’d like to leave for lunch or a respite from the heat.

So, next time you’re thinking about a holiday to Cyprus, don’t dismiss the destination as just sun, sea and sand. There is more to the stylish side of Cyprus than meets the eye.

I hope you enjoyed this list of things to do near Paphos. If you have a stylish recommendation in or near Paphos, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

SavoirThere stayed at Sunset View Villas a three bedroom villa located in the hills 20 minutes North of Paphos. For more information on holidays to the real Cyprus, beyond the bucket and spade, you can also try Sunvil Holidays.

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