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Where To Get a Soya Latte In San Jose, Costa Rica – Miel Cafe

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Cafe Miel San Jose Costa Rica

I loved San Jose’s cute little Miel Cafe

There are some cities in the world where you fully expect to find a hipster crowd sucking down soya lattes while reading the papers on a Sunday afternoon.

San Jose, frankly, is not one of those cities.

So I was delighted to sack off the sightseeing for an hour when I literally stumbled upon the perfect place for a soya latte in the middle of the Costa Rican capital – and immediately settled in to snack on empenadas and eat homemade heart-shaped cookies. 

I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica on Mother’s Day. I wasn’t prepared for just how eerily quiet the city streets would be: this holiday is bigger than Christmas and the World Cup Final all rolled into one – everything is closed, the entire population takes the day off and everyone hangs out with their mamita.

As soon as I checked into my hotel in San Jose I scoped out the restaurant and realised it would make a really nice place for dinner, so that problem was solved, but it was nearly lunchtime and I still hadn’t had a coffee.

Hotel Rincon de San Jose

The beautiful tiled floor in the hotel lobby, just a few footsteps from the perfect coffee.

I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to do a lot of legwork to find somewhere to go for lunch. But just footsteps away from the front door of my hotel I found the only place open in the entire neighborhood, and it was my idea of the perfect cafe.

Cafe Miel

Cafe Miel – it has the words bakery and coffee right there. Sold.

I may have actually jumped up and down with excitement when I spotted Miel Cafe, it’s the kind of place which you can just tell by looking at it that it serves soya or non-dairy milk alternatives.

soya latte in San Jose

My soya latte in San Jose, yay!

I visited with a friend, and the Londoners in us felt right at home immediately: the rest of the clientele were a young cool crowd, chatting away with friends and family, and a cute and friendly girl who seemed to be a co-owner helped us work out if the empenadas were suitable for my veggie friend, they were.

Cafe Miel

Cafe Miel was also packed with pretty girls

We got our coffees and enjoyed the free heart shaped biccies that were brought to our table to help us celebrate Mother’s Day, then couldn’t help but have a browse at the little arty nik-naks on sale around the white-washed cafe.

Mugs, notebooks and magnets were for sale at Cafe Miel

Mugs, notebooks and magnets were for sale at Cafe Miel

This gazelle print obviously caught my eye

This gazelle print obviously caught my eye

So if you’re looking for a trendy little spot to enjoy a coffee in San Jose this is the place to check out. It also happened to be packed with pretty girls on the day I visited, just saying.

More Info

Cafe Miel San Jose

A mini montage from cafe Miel


Cafe Miel is a tiny little chic but laid back place, so no need to book, but you may have to wait for a seat.

They do have wifi (win) a small but good selection of hot drinks, and sell a few home made treats such as cheese and tomato empanadas (pictured here) as well as hand made cakes.

They don’t have a website but you can visit their Facebook page.

Find the cafe at Avenida 9, San José, Costa Rica. Phone:+506 6238 3848

They are open daily apart from Sundays from 9-6, from 12 on Saturdays.

I visited on Mother’s Day when they were giving away free heart shaped biscuits in honour of all mothers. Aaah.


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