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Where To Get a Soya Latte In Berlin – The Michelberger Hotel

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Michelberger Hotel If you want a cosy cafe-bar in a super-cool hotel whose complete hipsterness shouts ‘we stock soya’, this is your place. And if you want to take some nice photos over coffee like I did while I was there, it’s even more perfect.

I’d expected to find soya lattes growing on trees in a trendy little place like Berlin. I was clearly not frequenting the right spots because during my search for a soya latte in Berlin my requests were mostly met with a few blank stares and a couple of the by-now-familiar ‘we’ve just run out of soya milk’ responses that I hear the world over.

Soya Latte in Berlin

I can never understand this one, a coffee shop wouldn’t run out of normal milk, or coffee so if they serve soya why don’t they just add it to their recurring order? Or, like, go to the shop and buy some more?

Pretzels at Michelberger Hotel

But even a quick glance at the exterior of the Michelberger hotel convinced me I’d get my fix here, and once inside the warehousey building those muted tones ranging all the way from concrete to taupe and the whole Old Street goes to Berlin vibe made me feel right at home. Michelberger Hotel Berlin

Pretzels and toasties are available to munch on, washed down with rounds of decent coffee. Beautiful people loll around on sink-into-them-sofas, leaf through magazines, strum instruments or have meetings with other Apple Mac-wielding types, and it’s all good.

More Info

Michelberger HotelThe Honolulu Bar was the venue for my soya latte in Berlin (though I get the impression the bar’s name changes from time to time)

It’s inside the Michelberger Hotel – the address is Warschauer Straße 39, 10243 Berlin

Call them on 030 2977859-0








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