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3 Perfect Places To Stay in Vancouver

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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The Wedgewood Hotel

Refined elegance at The Wedgewood Hotel

Looking for the perfect place to stay in Vancouver? Look no further than these 3 properties that work for luxury seekers, budget travellers and trendy young things in Canada’s West Coast capital.

My 3 perfect places to stay in Vancouver are…

Best For Luxury – The Wedgewood

The Wedgewood Hotel

The Wedgewood Hotel

Vancouver has a lot going for it – but ancient history isn’t one of those things. So for Europeans in search of a taste of home in this young upstart of a metropolis, its good to know you can find some real olde worlde charm by checking into the ultimate luxury city hotel, The Wedgewood.

There’s nothing quite like those no man’s land hours between stepping off a plane in a foreign land, and the moment you lay your head on a pillow that night. In Vancouver I spent that already dreamy section of time cocooned amongst the velvet and print fabrics, gilded and carved furniture and plush, homely (we’re talking stately home, rather than your average home) elegance of this hotel on Vancouver’s leafy downtown Hornby Street.

There couldn’t be a more gentle way to be eased through the Europe to North America culture shock than by doing so under The Wedgewood’s expert care and attention.

From the friendly and efficient porters and front desk staff who can’t do enough to help you, to the knowledgeable and attentive restaurant staff at in house eaterie Bacchus, if you’d love to relax and unwind leaving your every need in far more capable hands than your own, this is the place to do it.

Rates start from $248. Visit wedgewoodhotel.com.


Best For Trendiness – The Burrard

The Burrard

The Burrard

You’ll have to pinch yourself to check you’re not in Miami when you arrive at The Burrard; from the Art Deco touches and the pastel colour pallette via easy on the eye staff and a rather knowingly cool attitude, this place has South Beach written all over it.

Luckily for those wanting to dive into a retro beachy vibe this side of the border it’s on Vancouver’s Burrard Street in a great downtown location.

The motel style property is relaxed and informal, with all rooms set around a leafy courtyard stacked atop a useful parking lot.

Rather than a breakfast room per se guests head to the deli (called Betty) for breakie, munched on whilst overlooking the hustle and bustle of the road and doing some sterling people watching.

Rates start from $196. Visit theburrard.com


Best for Budget – The YWCA

YWCA Vancouver

YWCA Vancouver

It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A they say. I’d been singing (and yes, arm miming) that line for years but I’d never stayed in one until my visit to the YWCA in Vancouver.

To clear up the obvious question right out the gate  – just as you don’t have to be Scottish or a widow to have a pension with Scottish Widows, you neither have to be young, a woman or a Christian to stay here. I’d have asked the same thing.

From the moment you walk up the steps and spy the sign that says ‘A laugh is a smile that bursts’ you’re in for a really warm welcome at this casual but efficient hotel meets hostel.

Rooms are spacious and modern and can’t really be faulted for functionality and comfort – and that’s before the whole place undergoes a refit in the next month.

This is a brilliant budget option, is metres from the nearest Skytrain  and as a bonus it overlook BC Place Stadium, which is quite the sight when lit up come evening.

Rates start from $65. Visit ywcahotel.com



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