My 14 Most Memorable Travel Moments of 2014

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Pins on a map

Some years I’ve travelled farther afield, some years I explored a little closer to home, but every year I consider myself a traveller. That’s because wherever I go, I’m always looking for change and adventure.

This year I changed where ‘home’ was – instead of London, England it was Vancouver, Canada – meaning adventure has been built into my day to day life this year like never before, rather than being bolted on via travel – and this turned my lifelong travel style completely on its head for 2014…

I Know What I Did Last Summer – 7 Secret Sunny Moments From My 2014 Travels

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Lying by a pool, the kind of thing one usually does come summer

Lying by a pool, the kind of thing one usually does come summer

In my previous post I got all nostalgic about summer and highlighted 7 spectacular spots from my summer months in British Columbia – but even though I’m happily embracing Autumn (complete with at least 7 pairs of boots to assist me) I’m still singing the praises of some of last season’s most special memories.

Here are my top 7 secret summertastic spots selected from my last few months’ travels in Europe and Central America…

In Photos: A (Damp) Day At Slovenia’s Lake Bled

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

When we travel we always hope for picture-perfect weather, and seek out postcard-worthy images, but perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing that I visited Slovenia’s most famous lake, which has a reputation as an Alpine fairytale location, on a day when the weather was wet, and the area shrouded in mystical clouds – meaning it was almost bereft of tourists despite being high season.

So no classic holiday brochure blue skies and sunshine in these shots, but instead an atmospheric photographic journey in and around Lake Bled. If you’re still happy to come along maybe bring a brollie…

The Most Unusual Souvenir I Snapped Up In Slovenia

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Slovenian hand-crafted knives

The story behind these hand-made knives makes them an even better souvenir

Do you love souvenir shopping on your trips too? There’s something special about collecting treasures from our travels which keep the memory of the place we visited alive long after we return home.

Going to an unusual locale invariably means extra items come home with me – typically I’ll go for something I can wear and something I can eat – so I’ve brought everything from a handbags to hams and t-shirts to tea bags back in my suitcase.

But on my recent trip to Ljubljana I stumbled on possibly the most wonderful souvenir I’ve ever snapped up, with a story to match…

Luxury Dining in Ljubljana – 3 Superior Spots To Eat in Slovenia

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Amuse-bouche at Grostilna Na Gradu

Amuse-bouche at Grostilna Na Gradu

Food can make or break a destination. I remember my first trip to Portugal, when I was distinctly underwhelmed by the food – and as a result didn’t venture back for years (though when I did I found its foodie side.)

When planning my trip to Ljubljana I wasn’t sure what to expect from Slovenia’s restaurant scene, but I certainly didn’t expect this

Ljubljana By Numbers

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Fresh fruit at a Ljubljana market

One of my favourite ways to discover a new destination is to take a tour  – usually not long after arriving – to help me get my bearings and create some context to my new home, even if I’m only in town for a couple of days.

I’ve tried everything from food tours and cycle sightseeing to art walks and hotel hops, and on my latest city break to Ljubljana I learned a few fascinating facts and figures on a walking tour of the town’s pretty pedestrianised centre. Here’s an at-a-glance guide to Ljubljana with 15 key facts and figures I learned whilst walking…

Discovering Ljubljana’s Cuisine At A Slovenian Cooking Class

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Making dessert at Culinary Slovenia Class

Making traditional Štruklji dessert at the Culinary Slovenia Class

Slovenians will tell you their country is shaped like a chicken, and their food obsession doesn’t end there as I discovered when I attended a Slovenian cooking class in the capital.

Being let loose in a Ljubljana kitchen with five different dishes taught me a lot about a national cuisine to which I was totally new – and drinking double that number of alcoholic accompaniments may just have helped me forget a few of the lessons, but I’ll never forget how much fun the class was

A Weekend In Ljubljana

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weekend in Ljubljana

I’m settling into my seat on a flight from London to Ljubljana along with a plane load of other city-breakers taking the short hop to the Slovenian capital.

The young professional couple next to me are obviously snatching a romantic weekend break and they both get calls on their smartphones after boarding – he from the office about a client meeting, she from her parents to wish them a safe flight to Sylvania. ‘S-l-o-v-e-n-i-a, mum!’ she says patiently into her mobile phone.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re one of the small but growing number of tourists who’ve been initiated into the charm of Ljubljana there’s no shame in admitting you may might not be able to pinpoint Slovenia on a map let alone spell the name of its capital. But as I realised when I experienced a weekend in Ljubljana, that’s set to change