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Ljubljana By Numbers

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Fresh fruit at a Ljubljana market

One of my favourite ways to discover a new destination is to take a tour  – usually not long after arriving – to help me get my bearings and create some context to my new home, even if I’m only in town for a couple of days.

I’ve tried everything from food tours and cycle sightseeing to art walks and hotel hops, and on my latest city break to Ljubljana I learned a few fascinating facts and figures on a walking tour of the town’s pretty pedestrianised centre. Here’s an at-a-glance guide to Ljubljana with 15 key facts and figures I learned whilst walking…


The number of years the composer Mahler lived in Ljubljana


The number of professional orchestras based in Ljubljana

Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

Home of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra


The number of republics in the former Yugoslavia (to which Slovenia belonged until 1993) – as well as the number of minutes you should boil Slovenia’s famous Kranjske sausage to cook it perfectly.


The number of names given to Ljubljana’s Ljubljanica River  – it’s also known at various geographical points as the Obrh, Trbuhovica, Stržen, Rak, Pivka and Unica Rivers

The Ljubljanica River

The Ljubljanica River


How many theatres exist in this small city


The total number of museums in Ljubljana

The Museum of Contemporary Art in the Metelkova area

The Museum of Contemporary Art in the Metelkova area


The age of Slovenia as a country (as of my visit in 2014)


The (surprisingly high) number of culinary regions into which Slovenia is divided

Traditional Slovenian Cuisine

Traditional Slovenian Cuisine


How many minutes it takes to get to the ski resort from the city – as well as the number of kilometres separating Ljubljana from Austria


The sum total of today’s Jewish population of Ljubljana

Ljubljana's former Jewish ghetto

Ljubljana’s former Jewish ghetto


The number of architectural projects in the city designed by Ljubljana’s most famous architect, Plečnik

Statue of Plečnik in Ljubljana

Statue of Plečnik in Ljubljana


The height in feet of Slovenia’s highest mountain


The student population of the city

The National and University library of Slovenia

The National and University library of Slovenia – where the windows are shaped like books


The total population of Ljubljana


The number of people who speak Slovenian


More Info

Barbara from Get Your Guide

Larking about in Ljubljana with our guide Barbara from Get Your Guide



I learned most of these facts and figures on my Get Your Guide 2 hour private walking tour of Ljubljana, which is a lovely way to walk around the city while learning about its history and seeing the main sites.

Our guide Barbara met us in the pedestrianised centre and walked us through the centre of town stopping at various points of interest –  including chocolate and liquor tastings at a couple of local shops.

For more information visit www.getyourguide.com 



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