Jaillen Yehia


Amsterdam Style: 5 Design-led detours in The Dam

Written by Jaillan Yehia

The reputation of Dutch design precedes it, so what better way to truly connect with everyone’s favourite canal-laden city than to seek out some of that Amsterdam style during your holiday to Holland…

My 8 Essential Travel Memories of 2013 – And What They’ve Taught Me For 2014

Written by Jaillan Yehia

It’s been quite a year for me and my travels; I wrote about the best bits of the financial year in an earlier post: How To Do An End Of Year Tax Assessment Travel Blogger Style – so I decided to round up my top travel memories from the rest of 2013. They are…

This Could Be Rotterdam – Via Instagram: 5 Things To Do in Rotterdam

Written by Jaillan Yehia

In which I use my favourite arty little Instagrams as a guide to the lesser-known unsung Dutch ‘Dam – I’m talking of course about the port city of Rotterdam. Here are 5 Things to do in Rotterdam…