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Rome’s Bocache & Salvucci: Is This World’s Most Exquisite Men’s Shoe Shop?

Written by Jaillan Yehia

As a complete shoe obsessive I made sure that the first thing I prioritised on my first ever visit to Rome was buying some beautiful Italian leather shoes. The only problem on that particular short trip was that I had just 4 hours to spare in the Eternal City before I had to catch a […]

How To Fix a Hole in Your UGGs: A Step By Step Guide To Patching UGG Boots

Written by Jaillan Yehia

*This post may contain affiliate links, for the cookie consent, privacy policy and affiliate disclosure click here* I’ve got 23 pairs of boots. Yes that’s a lot I know! What can I tell you, I’m addicted to buying shoes wherever I go. Always have been, always will be. But the funny thing is that no matter […]

Pretty Ballerinas Make Girls Holidays To Menorca A Shoe-In

Written by Jaillan Yehia

The very first thing I spy after landing in Menorca, and exiting those double-doors that spit you out of security and into your holiday destination, is a tall pink leaflet dispenser advertising Pretty Ballerinas shoes. Of course like any self-respecting girl, the idea of shoe shopping while on holiday – possibly at a discount – […]

How To See Rome In 4 Hours (And Buy 3 Pairs of Shoes)

Written by Jaillan Yehia

They said it couldn’t be done, but they hadn’t counted on my determination…or my love of Italian footwear. I had just 4 precious hours in Rome – enough time to swing by the Colosseum, snap the Spanish Steps, try out the Trevi fountain, and buy 3 pairs of shoes! Here’s how to tackle a short layover in Rome…

How to Shop For Designer Bargains in Milan

Written by Jaillan Yehia

Can you shop ‘til you drop in the Italian fashion capital, and still come home feeling virtuous? It turns out you can thanks to the city’s amazing outlet shopping. So here’s how to shop for amazing designer bargains in Milan on a high street budget… Think of Milan and let’s face it, high fashion is what […]