Jaillan Yehia

Savoir Story

Travel is in my blood.

Sorry to say blood in the first sentence like that. If you’re queasy, so sorry.

Well I have already said sorry twice so that tells you I’m British.

Of course my manners could equally make me Canadian, so you won’t be surprised to learn that I spent 4 years living in Vancouver.

I have always been inspired to travel by my family; my English mother (of Norwegian descent) moved to Beirut as a young woman with my Egyptian father who himself has lived in places as varied as London and Libya as well as another of the most polite nations on the planet, Denmark.

I love Seeing The World.

river cruise

I grew up being bundled onto boats, taken on trains and put on airplanes to see family and friends in far flung locations from Copenhagen to Cairo. I really do live and breathe the thrill of foreign places, and to me Belgium is honestly just as exhilarating as Brunei.

Antwerp photo

Belgium is just as cool as Brunei – especially Antwerp, ok?

Through London Eyes.

London Eye

But I am also a passionately patriotic Brit (but no I most certainly don’t want Brexit) and an enthusiastic lover of London.

Like most people in the capital I have exacting standards and I’m not impressed easily.

I started this site back in 2012 to share the travel love with readers and clients, and to help people get straight to the bits of travel they loved without all the boring bits that get in the way.

I aimed to help with the research and planning, so those who found my site could avoid trawling the internet, googling like crazy trying to work out if that hotel really is any good, or if it will really be hot somewhere at a particular time of year.

I know what’s great in travel – plus what to avoid.

Pretty Ballerinas factory Outlet Ferrieries

What’s great is often shoes. Or gin. Or cheese.

I’ve spent most of my life combining being a working woman with a lot on her plate (including jobs on national newspapers, launching new consumer magazines or co-founding a software company) with coordinating unique travel plans for myself, my family & friends, and later as a travel publicist and journalist, for articles and press trips.

Like most frequent travellers I have learned from experience what works as well as what doesn’t. That’s what led me to start this website, long before being a travel blogger was a thing that anyone had heard of, let alone made any money from.

As a travel journalist and blogger I love to write about travel, and I like to help other people experience those places too. I get a kick out of sharing the shortcuts.

Whether it’s on your own doorstep or in far flung places, nothing invigorates, inspires and refreshes us like a new experience.

I hate the idea that people might not be going to the quirky, cool and unique places out there because they don’t know about them and simply don’t have time to find out.

Why Savoir There?

I may love England but I’ve been to a lot of places in my time too and have collected a lot of experiences and information along the way and I like to share that knowledge.

I called my site Savoir There after the French verb ‘Savoir’ – it means ‘To Know’ – because whatever the requirement, I seem to know just the place.

I want to share my know-how through and help individuals plan their perfect trips; I love getting people ‘there’, without any hassle – wherever ‘there’ may be.

My blog’s first proper masthead, created in early 2011 – the design’s changed a bit since then.

If you’d like to find out more about my experience in the travel industry or would like to work with me, head over to my Media Pack.

Thanks for stopping by.