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Best UK Travel Bloggers

When I began travel blogging in 2012 I was lucky to meet and begin working with a small group of fellow London-based bloggers who went on to become some of the most respected and well-known of the original British travel bloggers.

We all had one thing in common at that time, we loved travel so much that we wanted to blog about it, even though being a blogger wasn’t yet a ’thing’. And there was no money or kudos in being a travel or internet geek back then.

Fast forward to today and we’ve brought half the world around to our way of thinking, with more people falling in love with travel blogging than ever before and new blogs starting every single day.

Bloggers on a tour of Amsterdam’s new subway

But if I look back at my first posts I cringe – and most bloggers feel the same, and it’s impossible to overstate how much we have all learned along the way.

So, I still count some of the same bloggers I met years ago as the best UK travel bloggers, while happily some new people have joined the fold and brought exciting new skills and ideas with them.

Best UK bloggers

British bloggers from The Travel Mob on a press trip in Menorca

There are now scores of passionate travel lovers who combine great prose and amazing photography with being professional, consistent and reliable in delivering well-researched and well-written travel content, and holding on to their own unique style – because nobody wants to read a boring blog that’s indistinguishable from the next.

If you’d like to know which bloggers I would personally recommend checking out here is a shortlist – but feel free to contact me for more details or a longer, more niche list.

As travel blogging is global, I’ve also got a list of international travel bloggers who are based worldwide and who form the Travel Bloggers Influencer Network of which I am a member.

The BEST UK Travel Bloggers

She Gets Around. Jen is a professional lady who has been travel blogging for a long time, and grown with the industry. As well as being a great writer, she is a joy to work with.

Jen Lowthrop

Jen, from She Gets Around

Vicky Flip Flop – Vicky is one of the original bloggers, so she knows how it’s done and she puts her personality into her blog in a way that’s refreshing and relaxed. She specialises in stories on festivals, fun and keeping it real.

Heather On her Travels  – Bristol-based Heather has been blogging for 10 years, writing useful and authentic posts about her travel experiences  – with a little luxury thrown in, aimed at the 40+ traveller.

Teacake Travels – Alice Teacake is all about encouraging women to face their fears, push their boundaries and reach their full potential through solo female travel. If you want a travel blog that’s straight talking and all about serious girl power, she’s your gal.

Alice Teacake Travels

Alice of Teacake Travels

Compass Chasers – Antonia & Pete are relative newcomers having combined a background in travel PR (just like me) with the blogging game, and they are now my fave travel blogging couple by far.

Travel with Penelope & Parker – Anna Parker’s blog captures her off-duty escapes from a high flying city job. Outstanding photography combined with an innate knowledge of what true luxury hounds are impressed by is what sets this blog apart.

Anna Parker

Anna Parker

Urban Travel Blog – Duncan is British but based much of the time in Spain – that’s the Brits’ second home overseas anyway. He is one of the most talented travel writers in the industry and specialises in engaging content on nightlife and cool activities.

The Boutique Adventurer  – Emerging destinations and hidden gems are uncovered by Amanda, a lady who knows just how to enjoy the finer things in life and shares these secret spots with her readers.
The Boutique Adventurer

The Boutique Adventurer

The Travel Hack – Monica really is the OG of TB; the original girl of travel blogging – since becoming a mum she has seamlessly transitioned into writing about family travel and remained a consistent leader. Now working with a team of writers, she makes blogging look simple, which it isn’t.

UK Bloggers in Ljubljana

Monica enjoying Ljubljana along with me, a famous local TV journo and Adam from Travels Of Adam

I’m not going to add myself to this list because as you’re on my site I’m hoping you’ll see that I know my subject!

To find out more about what makes me different from other UK travel bloggers, check out my media pack or read my personal globetrotting tale.