Jaillan Yehia

On A Quest For Chocolate Perfection

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Perugina Chocolate Factory & Baci Chocolates

The Perugina Chocolate Factory is famous for its Baci Chocolates

A group of travel bloggers are challenged to hand-make a perfect batch of chocolates at the Perugina chocolate factory just outside Perugia in Umbria, Italy. Watch the video to see what happened next…

Did the bloggers make a great big sloppy chocolate mess all over themselves, their aprons, and their fellow chocolate students? Did they gorge on a ridiculous quantity of chocolate in the process? Did they succeed in producing perfect chocolates with a hand-crafted limoncello and white chocolate ganache filling?

You’ll just have to watch to find out…


Feeling Peckish?

For the exact recipe we followed and to find out more, check out fellow blogger Time Travel Turtle’s brilliant blog post on the class!

To find out about booking your own lesson visit www.Perugina.it – but you might need to learn a little Italian first as the website is in Italian only, thanks goodness for Google translate!


 Savoir There was a guest of the Umbrian Tourist Board

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