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All I want for Christmas is……To Visit 10 European Christmas Markets

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Brussels at Christmas

Brussels at Christmas

At the start of winter I usually struggle with the idea of weekends away to colder European countries – ever clinging onto that last bit of winter sun.

But that all changes come Christmas when I’m a sucker for short breaks to snowy cities and can’t wait to hit the European Christmas markets to stock up on stockings, buy more bobbly hats and glug down some Glühwein.

Here are my recommendations for the best Christmas markets in Europe

How To Do Christmas, Belfast Style

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Christmas in Belfast

Christmas in Belfast

When I booked my flight to Belfast I was looking forward to a pre-Christmas weekend of shopping at the Continental Market and drinking Gluhwein and Guinness in equal measure whilst discovering the Yuletide side of the Northern Irish Capital.

I had no idea that my trip would fall on the most contentious weekend Belfast has seen in years. But despite the city being in the news for all the wrong reasons recently I loved my short break to the bright lights of County Antrim and I’m now well-versed in how to celebrate Christmas, Belfast style…