An Honest Review Of Sterna Winery, Kathikas, Cyprus

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Sterna Winery Cyprus

Sterna Winery, Cyprus

Warning: negative post!

If being given shot glasses of paint-stripper by a grumpy man then being yelled at and chased away for not buying bottles (of the worst wine you’ve ever tasted) is your idea of a wine tasting then do visit Sterna Winery.

If not, I recommend you try one of Cyprus’ many other boutique wineries instead. 

6 Stylish Things To Do Near Paphos, Cyprus

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Beyond the beach in the Pafos area of Cyprus

Beyond the beach in the Paphos area of Cyprus

You’ve probably written off Cyprus as a pure sun, sea and sand destination – full of Brits wanting to see the view from a sun lounger, the inside of a few bars and little else.

That’s what I imagined  – and why despite being a short flight away from its year-round sun I’d eschewed Cyprus for years in favour of more upmarket, fashionable and enticing destinations. 

But on a recent trip to the island I set out to prove that there is a stylish side to Cyprus. Read my list of 6 stylish things to do near Paphos and see if I can change your mind too…

Where To Get A Soya Latte In Cyprus – Arabica Coffee House Paphos

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Cyprus frappé coffee

The frappé is easy to find in Cyprus but what about a soya latte or other speciality coffees?

I must be really addicted to soya lattes, because at 9.30 pm on Friday night I was attending the grand opening of the Arabica coffee house Paphos to get what promised to be the best (and as far as I could determine, save Starbucks, the only) soya latte in Cyprus – and a little thing called an 11.00 pm flight back to London wasn’t going to stop me.