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The Travel Prescription Service

How do travel prescriptions work?

Do you put off taking trips because you can’t face the endless research involved? I bet you’d love someone to just read your mind and give you the answers – work out where you’d like to go, pick the perfect hotel, choose the ideal flight times – and tell you what the weather will be like too?

Well I can do this (ok I lied. I can’t actually read your mind, but I can do the rest!)

You simply give me the brief, your travel desires, dreams, likes, dislikes, pictures you’ve pulled out of magazines, places your friends have been that sounded great, websites you’ve looked at, dream beaches you’ve heard about, cool hotels you like, and I will create a tailor-made travel prescription just for you, fusing what you know you like, with what I think will work for you.

I can suggest places you’ve never heard of or thought about, and come up with suggestions which could give your holidays a whole new twist. I’ll also help you avoid the pitfalls and make sure you you get the most out of your travel life, stress-free.

You can tell me the area you want to concentrate on if you prefer – from city breaks to the perfect honeymoon, from beach holidays to seeing the Northern Lights – and I will give you guidance on how best to achieve it within your budget and to your standards. I’ll then prepare a unique travel prescription, that fits perfectly with your own personal travel DNA.

The service is ideal for couples, so that romantic breaks and holidays can be a joy to be experienced together, rather than a chore to be divided up between them, and Travel Prescriptions also make a unique birthday, wedding or anniversary present.

Why do you need a travel prescription?

Do you have a post-it note on your desk with ‘look into summer holiday’ or ‘organise weekend away’ scrawled on it? Do you keep avoiding these tasks because they just seem so big and overwhelming? I understand. And I’m here to do all the hard work for you and help you get the sense of wonder back into your trips.

Holidays used to be so simple, but things have come a long way since then. Now anyone can go on holiday ANYWHERE, and that is awesome. But we suffer from complete travel information overload.

Booking.com lists 135,000 hotels in 15,000 destinations worldwide, and Trip Advisor offers 40 million reviews (21 new reviews a minute) and opinions on nearly half a million hotels and attractions.

Choice has taken some of the joy out of travel. The bewildering array of travel options available would take up your holiday allowance for an infinite number of lifetimes, but we all still get the same four weeks off a year and are busier than ever before. We crave perfect holidays but simply don’t have the time, patience or dedication to perfecting every detail of a trip.

This is why I created the travel prescriptions service.

Travel Prescriptions consist of a personal consultation and tailor-made trip research. The result is a 100% bespoke trip planned just for you, detailing flights, accommodation, restaurants, sights and everything else you need to know about your trip.

So if you’re struggling to put a trip together or need a helping hand, contact me for further details at [email protected]