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The Travel Tipping Point: Hotels Get Sweet With SuiteStory

Written by Jaillan Yehia

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Suite at London’s Mandeville Hotel

In the information age there is a website for everything – and as travel becomes ever more mainstream, there’s a niche travel website for almost every eventuality too.

Yet until recently if you wanted to rent a luxury hotel suite as opposed to a regular room (think minimum 4 stars, but most likely 5) you still had to search the ‘regular’ hotel comparison sites and weed your way through their bog standard rooms to find the bigger, better suites that suit your actual needs.

That’s all changed with a new website specialising in hotel suites only – here’s why I think this is a great idea (and wish I’d thought of it)…

I usually travel solo, or with groups of other travel writers so it’s not often that I need to rent an entire hotel suite myself, but it has happened  – and I found the process to be far more work than I bargained on.

There was the time I needed a suite for a day and night in a luxurious yet contemporary London hotel, and I had certain areas of town in mind, as well as a couple of musts (a good bar being one) and I possessed a hefty budget, but the leg work I had to put in to narrow my list down to a top 3 and secure prices and availability was extensive to say the least.

Zetter Townhouse Bar

The Zetter Townhouse was on my suite shortlist

It turns out that if I was doing the same search today I could head straight to a site called SuiteStory and look at their list of London suites – which has some of my favourite London hotels on it, some of which I had no idea had so many spacious suites with views of the London skyline.

The idea behind the site is pretty simple and based on a concept we are all familiar with: if you want a suite it’s likely you have specific reasons and needs to be met, therefore websites showing you standard proportioned hotel rooms are simply wasting your time: if you wanted to rent a limo you wouldn’t look at the London Transport website would you?

Hence SuiteStory was invented and it specialises in showing suites only, covering destinations like New York and Paris (and now Hawaii and Hong Kong) – exactly the sort of places where you’d image hotel suites to be most sought after.


This SuiteStory Macao Suite at the Crown Towers Macao is the swankiest in Asia

Of course those travelling on business and pleasure will always need to rent suites in hotels for comfort and space –  families for example find this far more convenient – and on honeymoon or for a special occasion you may well only be interested in the best of the best for your accommodation, so the site makes perfect sense.

For many, hotel suites are also used a a way to gather people for a day in a luxurious and private setting for a party, meeting or get together of some kind, so the ability to search for those extras such as jacuzzi or terrace is absolutely essential.

SuiteStory New York Suite

A suite on Park Avenue, New York

As travel consumers we are now used to always getting the specific type of accommodation we need, based on our requirements for a particular trip and we expect there to be a website which gives this to us – and at preferential rates.

If we want to rent apartments, which so many of us do, we head to Air B&B for example, something which just a few years ago was a new idea but which it has now become inconceivable to live without and it seems that the suite-only hotel comparison site is just as sweet an idea.

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