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The Perfect Place To Stay in South Africa’s Madikwe Park – Thakadu River Camp

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safari really is the holiday of a lifetime, so that means staying in just the right spot – and having the perfect safari guide – makes that trip into the bush even more memorable.

I stayed at Thakadu River Camp, one of the area’s most exclusive lodges…

Postcards From Sunny Bognor Regis

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Bognor Regis Pier

Bognor Regis Pier

Bognor Regis. The name may conjur up images of faded seaside grandeur and have connotations of titter-worthyness, sticks of rock, Butlins holiday camps and end-of-the-pier shows, but let’s face it this place is up there in Britain’s collective consciousness, so if you’ve got a spare sunny day off here in Blighty the surprisingly photogenic seaside town is well worth a visit, as you can see from these images…

A Dassie a Day

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The Dassie at Tsitsikamma National Park

Despite South Africa being full of world class wildlife and impressive Big 5 game, there’s one little animal that really wins your heart against the odds: the dassie. They look like a guinea pig, their name means little badger, and improbably, they are the closest living relative of the elephant,  but these funny, furry little creatures pop up all over the place – and they certainly aren’t shy!

The Perfect Place to Stay in San Ramon, Costa Rica – Casa Amanecer

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Casa Amanecer Balcony

Casa Amanecer Balcony

When deciding where to stay before flying out of San Jose airport following a trip through Nicaragua and Costa Rica, I considered taking in Costa Rica’s capital city, and like many travellers, I decided that with just an overnight visit I couldn’t do it justice.

Instead I plumped for a relaxing night in the small colonial town of San Ramon, Alajuela,  for a more leisurely final night in Central America.

This made for the perfect last stop in Costa Rica; comfort and sustainability are the watchwords at Casa Amanecer and it more than delivers on both counts.

Why the Day Trip is Travel’s Answer to the Power Nap

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Day tripping is easy by boat

Day tripping is easy by boat

The humble day trip, whether at home or abroad, has untold powers to invigorate and inspire us: it offers us all the joys and refreshment of a new place compacted down into a short time frame, and without any of the stresses and hassles of organising a full blown holiday. In short, the day trip is the travel equivalent of a power nap.