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Athena Organic Farm – Why I’m Excited to Instagram A Hotel That Doesn’t Exist

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Americas, British Columbia, Canada, Food, Opinion

Athena Organic Farm + Eco Retreat

Athena Organic Farm + Eco Retreat’s design ethos is as lovely as its farming philosophy

When I first moved to BC from central London I had no idea just how different my life would be.

Like most city dwellers (and in this respect Londoners and Vancouverites are one and the same tribe) my idea of The Good Life was buying organic granola, and fair trade coffee, selecting only free range chicken and eggs from the shelves, and shopping at Whole Foods – when my Whole Paycheck allowed it. 

In BC I’ve embraced the #authenticliving we hear so much about in the Pacific Northwest and utilized all the space and greenery available by graduating to my own garden-grown vegetables, free range chickens and home-made fruit pies. And I even have a Hudson’s Bay blanket, like everyone’s favourite Instagram queen, I just don’t take it hiking with me.

So when I heard about a new eco retreat in the Okanagan set to open this summer on the site of an established organic farm, that combines the sustainable farming we all want to encourage with the chic stays we urbanites-at-heart yearn for, I had to find out more.

Because mentally, I’m already instagramming it…

The Perfect Place To Stay In The Costa Rican Jungle – Rio Perdido

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Cocktails at Rio Perdido

Cocktails at Rio Perdido

Rio Perdido – literally meaning lost river – is one of those paradise hotels that you can’t quite believe exists this far off the beaten path; you wonder how anyone first discovers it while being simultaneously glad you did – and hopeful that not too many other people have been let in on the secret…

The Perfect Place To Stay In Lake Louise – The Post

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Lake Louise Hotel -The Post

The Perfect Lake Louise Hotel -The Post

It’s not often I want to italicise the word perfect, and even less often that a globe wanderer like me wants to return to the same hotel over and over again, but after experiencing The Post, nestled in the Bow River Valley amongst the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies I’m fighting the urge to do both. If you’re looking for the perfect Lake Louise Hotel, well you’ve come to the right place.

The Perfect Place To Stay in Hong Kong – The Cosmopolitan & The Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong

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Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong

View from the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong

I say The Cosmo is the perfect place to stay in Hong Kong but frankly my dears I’ve never actually stayed anywhere else.

Once I found The Cosmo with its boutique concept, ice-cream sundae colour-pop rooms, super-efficient shuttle service about town, and 24 hour check-in policy I simply never bothered to look elsewhere.

I Didn’t Kiss A Girl, But I Still Liked It – My Stay At A Gay Resort

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Golden Banana Alley

Golden Banana Alley – named after the first hotel to open on the road

I don’t mean to pry but are you gay or are you straight? And how would you feel about staying in a gay-friendly resort if you’re the latter?

I’m a straight gal, so why have I been feeling completely at home at a self-proclaimed gay hotel? In true Carrie Bradshaw style I got to thinking…

The Perfect Place To Stay On Mactan Island – The Crimson Resort Cebu

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The Crimson Resort Cebu

The Crimson Resort Cebu

If you’re looking for the perfect luxury beach resort on Cebu’s Mactan Island, it has to be The Crimson Resort Cebu. With stunning Asian-inspired decor and manicured grounds it makes a great retreat after exploring The Philippines’ bustling second city.

A Weekend in Genoa, The City of Hopes and Jeans

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‘There are over 100 Ferraris parked in the underground garages of the city’ reveals Stefania, my host at the Melia Hotel in the heart of the Northern Italian city of Genoa. ‘But,’ she leans in conspiratorially to explain ‘you never see them driving through the streets. That’s because the Genoese people aren’t ostentatious, they are – how do you say it – reserved? Actually our city has a reputation as the most English city in Italy.’

It’s lucky this Englishness doesn’t extend to the weather. In fact the mild climate has long been a major factor in drawing people to this part of Italy and despite being just a couple of hours’ drive from both the Cinque Terre and the French Riviera and offering a dock to countless cruise ships, Genoa somehow manages to evade mass tourism and is all the better for it.

What Is A Boutique Hotel Anyway?

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Boutique Hotel Helvetia, Zurich

I love hotels, but I get even more excited about quirky and interesting accommodation which means I really love boutique hotels.

I seek out, write about, blog about and recommend boutique properties, yet the question I am most often asked is simply ‘What makes a hotel a boutique hotel?’ so I went along to the Boutique Hotel Summit at London’s Altitude 360 this week to find out.