My 5 Favourite Ways To Save Money on Travel

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Opinion, Travel Trade Talk

bargains in Hong Kong

Bargain Hunting in Hong Kong

Apart from talking about our favourite destinations, where we’ve just been and where we are planning to go next, there’s another topic that comes up when we travel bloggers get together, and that is how we save money – or try to – when paying for travel.

We all want to be canny with our cash but we still gallivant all over the globe as much as possible; as frequent travellers we know that a little saving here and there can add up to an entire bonus trip we couldn’t have afforded otherwise.

These are my personal 5 favourite ways to save money on travel, things I’ve been doing for years and will probably always try before booking at full price…

What Is A Boutique Hotel Anyway?

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in News, Opinion, Travel Trade Talk

Boutique Hotel Helvetia, Zurich

I love hotels, but I get even more excited about quirky and interesting accommodation which means I really love boutique hotels.

I seek out, write about, blog about and recommend boutique properties, yet the question I am most often asked is simply ‘What makes a hotel a boutique hotel?’ so I went along to the Boutique Hotel Summit at London’s Altitude 360 this week to find out.