All I want for Christmas is……To Visit 10 European Christmas Markets

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Brussels at Christmas

Brussels at Christmas

At the start of winter I usually struggle with the idea of weekends away to colder European countries – ever clinging onto that last bit of winter sun.

But that all changes come Christmas when I’m a sucker for short breaks to snowy cities and can’t wait to hit the European Christmas markets to stock up on stockings, buy more bobbly hats and glug down some Glühwein.

Here are my recommendations for the best Christmas markets in Europe

5 More Things You Should Know About Iceland

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5 things you should know about Iceland

Icelandic scenery

I recently wrote a post sharing some of my favourite things about Iceland and called, rather unsurprisingly, 5 things you should know about Iceland.

But of course in compiling this list I ended up thinking of way more than just 5 things that I really believe all travellers, including you should know about Iceland.

So, I decided to share 5 more aspects of Iceland that make the country a unique, amazing and magical destination, whether you have just a weekend to visit, or the luxury of weeks on end to really explore…

How To Do Ibiza Off Season

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Ibiza Off Season

Ibiza’s beaches and laid-back vibe started to attract visitors in the 1960’s and Europe’s answer to California’s hippies flocked there, but since then the White Island’s reputation has been primarily one of clubbing and nightlife.

But step away from the built-up resorts and bar action and visit off season when the clubs are closed and there is another Ibiza to discover, with pine tree-backed beaches, coastal walking trails and rural landscapes, dotted with charming villages and white churches straight out of a picture postcard.

Not everyone knows just what a delight it is to explore Ibiza off season, but if you’d like to be one of them, here’s how to do it…

Ten Essential Arabic Phrases To Transform Your Trip

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Arabic signs in Downtown Cairo

Arabic signs in Downtown Cairo

Learning a few key words and phrases of a language always helps your trip to go more smoothly. Unlike some countries where your best linguistic efforts go unappreciated – or worse you’re answered in perfect English –  Egypt and other Arab countries smile on those who try a bit of Arabic.

A few words and a little bit of willing goes a long way to build rapport and can literally be the making of your trip.  Here are ten essential Arabic phrases you’ll hear and use over and over again …

Top 10 Tips For Women Travelling To A Danger Zone

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Sign in Jinja, Uganda

Sign in Jinja, Uganda. Not one of the top tips on offer here.

NGO worker and writer Louise Hogan has interned in Uganda and holidayed in Rwanda in the last 12 months and works in London the rest of the time on mass atrocity prevention and response issues particularly around women in conflict.

Here she shares her top 10 tips for surviving a spell in a war zone, including the importance of Vogue, leggings and old fashioned common sense plus advice on how to know when it’s time for flaming sambucas in a random African country…

My Top 10 London 2012 Pictures

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Olympic Stadium by Night London 2012

The Olympic Stadium by Night

It’s hard to capture the brilliance, exhilaration and atmosphere of London 2012 in words.

So here are my favourite London 2012 pictures – 10 images of London’s Olympics all taken with my own camera or iphone and all making me brim with pride at the amazing show London is putting on…

Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in London

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Nobu London

Nobu is London’s most celebrated Japanese Restaurant, but is it the best?

London has more global cuisine than anyone could hope to eat in a lifetime including a bewildering array of around 450 Japanese restaurants, but how can you find the most authentic Japanese restaurants in the capital if you don’t know your sushi from your sashimi?

In this guest post Japanophile and Japan Journeys expert James Greenfield reveals his top 10 Japanese restaurants in London for all budgets  – from cheap eats through to, well, Nobu…