The Travel Tipping Point: River Cruises

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river cruises

Seeing Ljubljana from the curving Ljubljanica River was incredibly memorable

The travel tipping point is my regular column on travel trends, types and themes which seem to be ‘having a moment’ and have achieved critical mass  – meaning that wherever you look, this way of travel, destination or style of service seems to suddenly be popping up everywhere.

Whether it be a new way of booking travel, an up and coming country or a style of journey, sometimes when we see everyone else trying something, we just have to try it for ourselves.

This week, I’m thinking about messing about on the river – all over the world. But mostly in Egypt…

The Travel Tipping Point: UK Summer Staycations

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UK Summer Staycations

My last UK Summer Staycation in Ramsgate

New research shows that with the effects of Brexit – and the exchange rate for the Pound plummeting overseas – staying at home in the UK this summer is officially the new going abroad.

But once summer hits I’ve always been a fan of staying home – and my UK summer staycations season undoubtedly starts building from the beginning of Spring onwards, regardless of trends.

So let me tell you why I think the UK is THE place to be in the sun

The Travel Tipping Point: Hotels Get Sweet With SuiteStory

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Suite at London’s Mandeville Hotel

In the information age there is a website for everything – and as travel becomes ever more mainstream, there’s a niche travel website for almost every eventuality too.

Yet until recently if you wanted to rent a luxury hotel suite as opposed to a regular room (think minimum 4 stars, but most likely 5) you still had to search the ‘regular’ hotel comparison sites and weed your way through their bog standard rooms to find the bigger, better suites that suit your actual needs.

That’s all changed with a new website specialising in hotel suites only – here’s why I think this is a great idea (and wish I’d thought of it)…

The Travel Tipping Point: Patagonia, Chile

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I am a big believer that 3 is the magic number. The so-called rule of three exists because as humans we are constantly looking for patterns and 3 is the smallest number that can constitute a pattern to our brains.

It just so happens that 3 is the killer combination for many things – comedy writers know the third segment of the joke is where the real gag always lies – and from the 3 little pigs to famous quotes (I came, I saw, I conquered), look closely and you’ll find that 3 is always a powerful number.

So when a destination pops up three times in a row it triangulates on my travel radar and I find it hard not to go into trip planning mode. Right now Patagonia is on the third strike, motivating me to dig out these images from my trip there a decade ago.

The Travel Tipping Point: Mexico

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Colorful houses

For years I resisted going to Spain on holiday. The reason? Spain is the most mainstream and obvious overseas destination for Brits in search of a cheap holiday in the sun, and in seeking out a more authentic and unique holidaying experience, I snubbed Spain. This turned out to be a big mistake.

Now that I’m based in Canada, Mexico is my new Spain. So far the pervasiveness of Mexico as a holiday destination for North Americans has had the identical effect and turned me off, but I’m beginning to ask myself if I should learn from my past mistakes and book that trip to Mexico…

The Travel Tipping Point: Cruises

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Cruising Antarctica  - Image by Sandra Walser

Cruising Antarctica on the Antarctica XXI – image by Sandra Walser

I have this pet theory about travel. I believe that if we hear something positive that challenges our previous perceptions of a destination or holiday style, it lodges in our brains, but right at the back, where it can dwell quietly for a long time if left undisturbed.

When that idea is reinforced by further positive messages or images a second time our interest is piqued – but the third time we hear good things about this place or way to travel we decide we MUST try it for ourselves and it jumps right to the top of our travel wish lists.

That’s what I call the travel tipping point, and I think it’s just happened for me with cruising. 

My Canadian Wish List

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Canadian Scenery by

Canada is one of those destinations that has steadily climbed up my wishlist over the years until it reached the very top and flailed its arms around furiously shouting ‘choose me, you have to choose me for your next trip!’

After meeting cool Canadians, working with colleagues from Toronto, travelling with folks from Vancouver and bumping into any number of people who couldn’t shut up about how brilliant Canada was, I finally decided I would spend some quality time there this year, and these are the three activities and places that have stood out for my big Canadian wishlist.

The Travel Tipping Point: Walking The High Line in New York

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Every once in a while a city, country, activity or some other flavour of enticing worldwide experience creeps into your consciousness for the first time and promptly procedes to pop up everywhere – in your Sunday paper or the magazine you pick up at the dentist, on your friend’s Facebook page or on an obscure TV documentary you happen to turn on – suddenly this spot has climbed to the very top of your travel wish list. It has tipped.

This week for me the travel tipping point has been well and truly reached by New York’s celebrated urban walk along disused railway tracks right through the middle of the city – The High Line.