Signs Of The Times: 6 Of The Best Cardiff Coffee Shops

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Coffee in Cardiff

Outpost coffee’s sign

During my recent weekend in Cardiff  – my first ever visit to the Welsh capital – I noticed one thing right off the bat; this city is crazy about quality coffee.

This list of 6 seriously good Cardiff coffee shops will help you stay sharp while you shop in the city centre, and the signage alone will entertain you even if you don’t need a pick me up…

Where To Eat In Valencia: Spain’s Secret Culinary Capital

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Where to eat in Valencia

Where to eat in Valencia – this is Cafe Dulce de Leche which is basically cake heaven

When British Airways’ (then called British European Airways) opened it’s first ever route from the UK to Spain back in 1957, the original destination for those pioneering English holidaymakers was none other than the city of Valencia.

Fast forward almost 60 years and many Brits have been to Barcelona, mooched around Madrid and conquered the Costas – but a surprisingly large number have so far missed out on a trip to Spain’s third largest city.

Now Valencia’s exciting culinary scene, from traditional horchata bars to Michelin stars, has become one of the true highlights of any visit – and checking out where to eat in Valencia is valid reason in its own right to jump on that plane to Spain…

24 Hours In Salt Lake City – A Sinful Saturday In The City of Saints

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Decades Vintage 24 hours in Salt Lake City

Display at Decades Vintage Emporium Salt Lake City

Utah’s capital may be best known for the Church of The Latter Day Saints, but this one million-strong metropolis makes an equally suitable city break setting for would-be sinners in search of urban indulgence.

From quirky shopping to secret street food, luxury hotels to lattes, it’s time to check-in your preconceptions at the door and check-out the fun you can have in 24 hours in Salt Lake City

Where To Get a Soya Latte In San Jose, Costa Rica – Miel Cafe

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Cafe Miel San Jose Costa Rica

I loved San Jose’s cute little Miel Cafe

There are some cities in the world where you fully expect to find a hipster crowd sucking down soya lattes while reading the papers on a Sunday afternoon.

San Jose, frankly, is not one of those cities.

So I was delighted to sack off the sightseeing for an hour when I literally stumbled upon the perfect place for a soya latte in the middle of the Costa Rican capital – and immediately settled in to snack on empenadas and eat homemade heart-shaped cookies. 

Where To Get A Soya Latte in Whistler – Fix Cafe At Nita Lake Lodge

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Fix Cafe at Nita Lake Lodge

Fix Cafe at Nita Lake Lodge. Look closely and you can spot RTW Girl surveying the scones.

As a location independent girl who likes her soya lattes I’m constantly looking for the perfect cosy cafe to hole up in and squeeze in an hours’ work on my laptop (ok, and hang out on Facebook and Twitter).

In some destinations this is easy and you can’t swing a cat without hitting five cool cafes serving soya. In other places you can pound the streets for days looking for a half-decent place to hang your hat and contemplate your home screen.

So I’m happy to report the winner of the title of location indy spiritual home – as well as that of dream deli – in Whistler goes, hands down, to Cafe Fix.

Here’s why…

Where To Get A Soya Latte In Cyprus – Arabica Coffee House Paphos

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Cyprus frappé coffee

The frappé is easy to find in Cyprus but what about a soya latte or other speciality coffees?

I must be really addicted to soya lattes, because at 9.30 pm on Friday night I was attending the grand opening of the Arabica coffee house Paphos to get what promised to be the best (and as far as I could determine, save Starbucks, the only) soya latte in Cyprus – and a little thing called an 11.00 pm flight back to London wasn’t going to stop me. 

Where To Shop In Cairo: City Stars

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CityStars, Cairo Starbucks

Get your shopping and Starbucks fix in Cairo under one roof at CityStars

Real Egyptians don’t spent their time hanging out at the pyramids or shopping in Khan el-Khalili, obviously.

So where would a girl like me head to on a Saturday afternoon for a spot of retail therapy and a gossip with friends, as well as a soya latte to keep up the shopping spirits?

 If you want to know where to shop in Cairo, the answer is CityStars, a huge modern mall that has everything from H&M and Marks & Spencer to Starbucks and frozen yoghurt.