The Real Life Brexiter: Swapping the malaise for Malaysia

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This month’s featured Brexiter lives in Kuala Lumpur

Brexit has caused more Brits than ever to start turning dreams of living overseas into a reality.

So I decided to start a series asking real life Brexiters – those who’ve already left the UK for pastures greener – what life is really like after Blighty.

First in the series was Brexiter Katja – a Somerset girl who now lives in Mexico, and this month I talk to Worcester native Simon, who has moved on to a new life in Malaysia

The Real Life Brexiter: Swapping Somerset For Mexico City

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Real life Brexiter Katja Gaskell and her family in Mexico

Katja Gaskell and her family in Mexico

However you may feel about the Brexit vote, the EU referendum has had one undisputed result – to inspire more Brits than ever before to consider moving overseas.

Internet searches on relocating to anywhere from Scotland and Ireland to Australia and Canada have skyrocketed post-brexit, and the changing face of Europe has caused a lot of Brits to ask ourselves if England is as pleasant as we had thought – or if pastures greener and newer might have more to offer us and our families.

So I asked a variety of British expats what it’s really like to do what many Britons are now dreaming of  – become a real life Brexiter and give life in Blighty a wide berth.

First in the series is Katja Gaskell, who left Somerset and now lives in Mexico City. Here is her story…

A Short and Sweet Trip To Iceland

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Andrea in Iceland

Andrea in Iceland

One of my best friends in the world, has just returned from the trip of a lifetime to Iceland.

I was lucky enough to hear all her tips and see her amazing Icelandic photos first-hand, so I decided to ask her to share her top 10 highlights from an epic two-week Icelandic roadtrip right here, to inspire anyone who has an inkling that a trip to Iceland might just be for them…

Top 10 Tips For Women Travelling To A Danger Zone

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Sign in Jinja, Uganda

Sign in Jinja, Uganda. Not one of the top tips on offer here.

NGO worker and writer Louise Hogan has interned in Uganda and holidayed in Rwanda in the last 12 months and works in London the rest of the time on mass atrocity prevention and response issues particularly around women in conflict.

Here she shares her top 10 tips for surviving a spell in a war zone, including the importance of Vogue, leggings and old fashioned common sense plus advice on how to know when it’s time for flaming sambucas in a random African country…

Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in London

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Nobu London

Nobu is London’s most celebrated Japanese Restaurant, but is it the best?

London has more global cuisine than anyone could hope to eat in a lifetime including a bewildering array of around 450 Japanese restaurants, but how can you find the most authentic Japanese restaurants in the capital if you don’t know your sushi from your sashimi?

In this guest post Japanophile and Japan Journeys expert James Greenfield reveals his top 10 Japanese restaurants in London for all budgets  – from cheap eats through to, well, Nobu…

Top 10 Travel Tips: 10 Lessons I Learnt From Moving Overseas

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V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Miranda Glasser decided to leave her London life behind and embark on a year-long stint as a teacher in Vietnam – after entering her second year as a resident of Siem Reap, Cambodia where she’s about to become a correspondent for the Phnom Penh Post. Here she shares the 10 most important lessons she learnt from her move overseas – and an open mind is at the top of that list…

10 Ways To Learn From Your Travels

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Having circumnavigated the globe as a teacher on the Peace Boat, as well as living in Japan for 3 years, Richard Brownsdon is now Chief Adventurer and Creator of Inspiring Adventures, a company specialising in one-off educational worldwide trips.

He’s currently co-ordinating a unique 8-day tour around Brazil introducing travellers to the real people who are changing Latin America from within, from entrepreneurs in the slums of Sao Paulo to pioneering wildlife park owners at Iguassu Falls.

Here are his top 10 tips for constantly learning while you’re on the road…