Rocky Mountaineer Reflections

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Reflections on The Rocky Mountaineer

Reflections on The Rocky Mountaineer

I’m on the Rocky Mountaineer Train – the rail journey of  a lifetime through the Canadian stretch of the Rockies – and as four days of jaw dropping views rhythmically float past me, I become obsessed with capturing the immense skies and screen-saver scenery as reflected with the glint of the sun in the side of the train.

These are, quite literally, my favourite reflections on the most epic rail journey you can imagine…

In Photos – A Portrait of The Gambia

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Gambia photography

This Islamic school was very happy to see some Western visitors

Of all the places in which I’ve travelled no destination has made me wish harder for the invention of the eyeball-implanted camera as The Gambia. Nearly every street scene, vendor, vehicle, market stall and school child has you reaching excitedly for your lens. Here are a selection of my favourite portraits of the Gambian people I encountered on my travels…

How I Became A Forest Chump

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Mandina Lodges

No trees were harmed in the taking of this photo. But my pride sure was.

Remember when Britney Spears married backing dancer Kevin Federline and the tabloids nicknamed the wannabe rapper who wooed the pop star and her millions ‘Kevin Fed-Her-A-Line’?

Well, I’m channeling Britney circa 2004 whilst in The Gambia and being fed plenty of lines during my trip, mainly from the omnipresent ‘bumsters’ – smooth-talking local lads who hang around the beaches befriending female tourists.

But despite their best efforts the most memorable line I’m fed all week turns out to be rather more literal than ‘hey beautiful lady, you’re one in a million.’…

The Perfect Place To Stay in Brighton – Vine Street Studios

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Vine Street Studios Brighton

I often evangelise about the saving grace of apartment rental as opposed to hotel stays for a certain type of trip.

Usually I’m preaching to the converted but some people would need a miracle of water-to-wine proportions before they’d give up 24-hour room service, the breakfast buffet and a decent concierge (though perhaps not the in-room bible).

But even though the hotel versus apartment debate will run and run, and I’ll always worship boutique hotels and quirky B&Bs too, I’ve had something of an epiphany on a recent visit to Brighton: for the perfect large group trip finding the right rental apartment really is like discovering the God Particle

My Canadian Wish List

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Canadian Scenery by

Canada is one of those destinations that has steadily climbed up my wishlist over the years until it reached the very top and flailed its arms around furiously shouting ‘choose me, you have to choose me for your next trip!’

After meeting cool Canadians, working with colleagues from Toronto, travelling with folks from Vancouver and bumping into any number of people who couldn’t shut up about how brilliant Canada was, I finally decided I would spend some quality time there this year, and these are the three activities and places that have stood out for my big Canadian wishlist.

Where To Have (And To Hold) Tarantulas In Phnom Penh – Romdeng Restaurant

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Holding a live Tarantula at Romdeng

Holding a live Tarantula at Romdeng

I arrive at Romdeng restaurant ten minutes late as is my wont, but on this occasion I can’t blame the Northern Line.

Rushing through the streets of Phnom Penh on foot has left me a lot more sweaty than my usual subterranean dashes to London restaurants and I’ve never found my dining companion to have taken the liberty of ordering a round of deep fried tarantulas while they’re waiting for me in Soho…