In Photos – A Day Trip To Brunei

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Day trip to Brunei

Souvenir stand in a Brunei Shopping Mall

I’d always wanted to visit The Sultanate of Brunei but somehow it had never happened – until circumstances brought me to the Brunei capital Bendar Seri Begawan on a great value Royal Brunei Airlines flight from Bangkok to London ‘via’ Brunei.

Of course it’s hardly on the way, in fact it’s just over two hours in the wrong direction, but I wasn’t going to argue with a free day trip to Brunei and a unique chance to explore this fascinating nation.

The flight change includes a full day and evening on the ground  - which is enough to get a good sense of the country’s pocket-sized city, and that included some amazing photo opportunities…

Ten Photos That Just Scream ‘Miami’!

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Miami photos

Miami Beach

One of the most exciting things about some holiday destinations is actually seeing the touristy, clichéd and oft-photographed stuff that you’ve been dreaming about for years up close and with your own eyes, and yes, damn-well photographing them anyway just like everyone else has.

Here are ten of my favourite images from Florida’s most famous vacation spot that just yell ‘Miami, baby’ from the tops of their pastel-hued, beachy-beauty, Florida-vibed, American-twanged voices…

History & Lessons: Manila’s American Cemetery & Memorial

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The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Manila, The Philippines

If you have only a short time in which to experience Manila you might think that a visit to a cemetery shouldn’t be at the top of your must-do list?

But a trip to the sobering and thought-provoking American Cemetery and Memorial in Manila will pull The Philippines’ part in world history sharply into focus and underline how privileged we are to be free to travel for fun and to know we’ll make it home to friends and family in one piece…

In Photos: The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, The Philippines

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Chocolate Hills Bohol

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, The Philippines

The Filipino Island of Bohol is best known for two things: tarsiers and what I came to think of as an exaggerated teletubby land known as The Chocolate Hills, a strange landscape of 1,268 eerie and bizarre conical mounds dotted a round the centre of the island…

3 Great Places For Filipino Food In Manila

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Filipino Food in Manila at Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie

The Philippines’ sprawling capital may not be the first place that springs to mind for a gastronomic city break – understandably most tourists who fly to The Philippines are headed for one or more of the 7107 islands and islets to kick back on an idyllic white sand beach.

But it’s a big mistake to overlook Manila’s burgeoning foodie scene, so here are three places to get foodie in the Filipino capital…

Midnight Mercato – The Place For Street Food In Manila

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Midnight Mercato Manila

Food stall at Midnight Mercato Manila

Think Asian street food and you’ll probably think of stalls selling delicious and mysterious local delicacies cooked up by a smiling old lady on a dirty street corner. Street food can make us feel excited about the thrill to our taste buds and apprehensive about the danger to our tummies in equal measure, but they’ve changed all that at Midnight Mercato in Manila…