The Burma Tipping Point

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Burmese Flag

Burmese Flag on the Irrawaddy River by

Recently, while travelling without a set plan around Asia, one destination kept coming up time and time again – if there is such a thing as a tipping point, then for me, Burma has just tipped.

Everyone I talked to who’d been couldn’t say enough positive things about it and I began to formulate a plan in my mind to go, but somehow it didn’t quite happen for me on this trip, and honestly, I’m rather gutted. 

A Hong Kong Photo Tour

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Hong Kong photo

East meets West, British order overlaid on Chinese culture, perpetually expanding upwards into the sky and outwards into the ocean. Grab an eyeful of the confluence of capitalism, colonialism and communism on this photo tour to one of the most densely populated corners of the planet, the Cantonese for ‘fragrant harbour’ - Hong Kong…

Top Ten Things To Do In Belfast

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Top ten things to to in Belfast

Have a pint of Guinness – surely one of the top ten things to do in Belfast?

I’d call Belfast Ireland’s underdog city. But let’s not forget that it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, rather the size of the fight in the dog.

And while Belfast’s history is all about that fight, it’s the city’s present on which I’d rather shine a light – with this list of the top ten things to do in Belfast in 2013.

The Perfect Place To Stay in Hong Kong – The Cosmopolitan & The Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong

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Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong

View from the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong

I say the Cosmo is the perfect place to stay in Hong Kong but frankly my dears I’ve never actually stayed anywhere else. Because once I found The Cosmo with its boutique concept, ice-cream sundae colour-pop rooms, super-efficient shuttle service about-town, and 24 hour check-in policy I simply never bothered to look elsewhere.

How To Go Off-Hotel In Dubai

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Dubai’s annual shopping festival

It’s probably the perfect stopover destination, poised physically between the Far East and Europe and offering the chance to experience a truly exotic world in between. But most of Dubai’s life is centred around hotels and malls – so here’s a guide to which hotels to check into – as well as how to go ‘off-hotel’ and see the real Dubai…

A Snowy Street Photography Walk In Berlin

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Berlin photography

Can you think of a single city as synonymous with über-cool street life as Berlin? On my recent trip to the erstwhile divided capital this coolness extended its grip to the elements, with a sub-zero snow-covering lending an extra dimension to the urban landscape.

Shooting in the snow with frozen toes kicking fresh drifts and tingly fingers clutching lens caps was a challenge and was nicely book-ended with indoor coffee-shop and hostel-culture photo shoots and geeky chats about everything from ISO to the harder to pin down eye required for composition.

You can be the judge of whether these images from my chilly afternoon mentoring sesh with Berlin-based and Aussie-born travel and documentary photographer Katrina James warm your cockles rather than leave you cold…

In Photos – A Day Trip To Brunei

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Day trip to Brunei

Souvenir stand in a Brunei Shopping Mall

I’d always wanted to visit The Sultanate of Brunei but somehow it had never happened – until circumstances brought me to the Brunei capital Bendar Seri Begawan on a great value Royal Brunei Airlines flight from Bangkok to London ‘via’ Brunei.

Of course it’s hardly on the way, in fact it’s just over two hours in the wrong direction, but I wasn’t going to argue with a free day trip to Brunei and a unique chance to explore this fascinating nation.

The flight change includes a full day and evening on the ground  - which is enough to get a good sense of the country’s pocket-sized city, and that included some amazing photo opportunities…