Things Are Looking Up: 4 Places I’ve Truly Seen The Stars

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Aurora Borealis at Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2012 at Pyramid Island, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Aurora Borealis at Jasper Dark Sky Festival, Alberta, Canada by Yuichi Takasaka

If ever there was a time to call to mind a Hamlet soliloquy, I’d say mid-stargaze is that time.

Which of us doesn’t seek out beautiful night skies on our trips? Man by nature is in love with ‘this most excellent canopy the air…this brave over hanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire…this congregation of vapours.’

Yet ‘what a piece of work is a man’ indeed; the irony is that as light pollution prevents us from seeing the wonders of the night sky, we must go where men are not in order to truly see the stars.

Here are the four places I’ve ventured this year where man is wonderfully outnumbered by the stars in the sky…

Halen Môn – A Real Salty Sea Blog

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Halen Môn

Halen Môn – Not exactly your average food factory setting is it?

I like my food, but I’m no scientist. So when I’m invited to learn how the UK’s most famous sea salt is hand-made on the Straits of Menai I’m intrigued, but wonder if I’ll actually understand the process behind it all.

It turns out I’ve got nothing to worry about, as Halen Môn co-founder Alison Lea-Wilson tells me, making artisan sea salt ‘is science yes, but it’s also art.’

The Cheesiest Blog Post I’ve Ever Written – My Parmesan Factory Tour

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Behind the scenes at the parmesan factory

Behind the scenes at the parmesan factory

Remember the bad old days when our idea of Parmesan was that powdery substance we’d sprinkle on spaghetti through tiny holes in the top of a cardboard shaker?

Little did I know that decades later this condiment would make way for the real deal when something called a rocket and parmesan salad would become de riguer on my plate, with fresh, nutty chunks of real parmigiano reggiano becoming a mercifully permanent fixture in restaurants and homes.

It was with this enthusiasm for Parmesan that I myself became a temporary fixture inside one of Emilia Romagna’s famous Parmesan ‘banks’ for a special Parmesan factory tour

A 10 Second Guide To Doing It ‘Dampa Style’ In The Philipines

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Boracay Island – where I learned to do it Dampa Styleee

Welcome to the best thing I discovered during my time in The Philippines –  doing it ‘dampa style’.

Do it once and you’ll just want to do it all over again the next night. And the next.

Be warned the pictures are just blurry iphone images because when you’re doing it dampa style you don’t normally bring a camera.

Maspalomas Memories

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I’m not sure how or why Lipton got the gig as the official tea provider to hotels worldwide, but for a serious tea drinker like me, seeing the Yellow Label come out on holiday is always bad news.

So on a beach break to Gran Canaria where R & R was my only goal, it was bliss to be in a resort where the small touches like proper tea along with other home comforts had been anticipated – because when you’re doing very little, a moment’s discomfort or hassle of any kind can put a serious kink in your perfect day…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Balsamic Vinegar

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Balsamic  vinegar factory

What’s your worst culinary habit? Mine’s pouring copious amounts of balsamic vinegar over anything and everything, so I was interested to find out a bit more about the stuff I’ve been practically drinking out the bottle for most of my adult life.

But despite all my conspicuous consumption of aceto balsamico I didn’t know any of these 10 facts before I visited the Acetaia Sereni balsamic vinegar factory, just outside Modena.

The Perfect Place To Stay In Lake Louise – The Post

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Lake Louise Hotel -The Post

The Perfect Lake Louise Hotel -The Post

It’s not often I want to italicise the word perfect, and even less often that a globe wanderer like me wants to return to the same hotel over and over again, but after experiencing The Post, nestled in the Bow River Valley amongst the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies I’m fighting the urge to do both. If you’re looking for the perfect Lake Louise Hotel, well you’ve come to the right place.