My 8 Essential Travel Memories of 2013 – And What They’ve Taught Me For 2014

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Stroking a croc – one of my year’s most memorable travel moments

It’s been quite a year for me and my travels; I wrote about the best bits of the financial year in an earlier post: How To Do An End Of Year Tax Assessment Travel Blogger Style – so I decided to round up my top travel memories from the rest of 2013. They are…

Megan’s Fairytale: Travel and Blogging, But Not As You Know It

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Blogger turned author Megan at her book cover photoshoot

Blogger turned author Megan at her book cover photoshoot

The first time I meet Megan Williams is over refined cocktails at Vancouver’s Wedgwood Hotel. She’s blonde and beautiful, poised and personable and when I’m told she’s a blogger I naively assume she writes about fashion, food or culture.

When Megan asks me about my work I launch into an explanation of my travel blog, we talk about where I’ve been and where I’m hoping to go next and discuss why I love being a travel writer, as well as what inspired me to start sharing my stories.

I then ask Megan’s about her own blog, but I could never have predicted the startling reality behind  her very different inspiration

Where To Get A Soya Latte in Whistler – Fix Cafe At Nita Lake Lodge

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Fix Cafe at Nita Lake Lodge

Fix Cafe at Nita Lake Lodge. Look closely and you can spot RTW Girl surveying the scones.

As a location independent girl who likes her soya lattes I’m constantly looking for the perfect cosy cafe to hole up in and squeeze in an hours’ work on my laptop (ok, and hang out on Facebook and Twitter).

In some destinations this is easy and you can’t swing a cat without hitting five cool cafes serving soya. In other places you can pound the streets for days looking for a half-decent place to hang your hat and contemplate your home screen.

So I’m happy to report the winner of the title of location indy spiritual home – as well as that of dream deli – in Whistler goes, hands down, to Cafe Fix.

Here’s why…

Tuscan Cookery School – How To Make The Perfect Tiramisu

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Tuscan Cookery School - Tiramisu

Making Tiramisu

Tiramisu is the legend of Italian deserts – everyone’s heard of it and almost everyone knows it means ‘pick me up’. So it’s surprising to learn that the dish didn’t even exist until at least the late 1960’s.

As one of my favourite puddings I seek it out all over the world and I’ve had some exceptional versions in restaurants everywhere from Bangkok to the beaches of Costa Rica, but I’d never made it myself, until now…

Tuscan Cookery School – Making Field To Table Passata Under The Tuscan Sun

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Tuscan Cookery School

Making passata alfresco

This is a true slice of rural back-to-basics Italian cookery; walking through the plentiful land surrounding a quintessential Tuscan villa, down steep verdant hills and into the flourishing vegetable garden I crouch down to hand-pick huge succulent tomatoes.

Together with my friends we collect the fruit in baskets and the folds of our aprons, then, glass of wine in hand, we spend the afternoon turning them into a tasty fire-red passata

Tuscan Cookery School – The Jam Plan

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Tuscan cookery classes - Jam

Everyone who know me knows what a sweet tooth I have. So when I signed up for a residential cookery course at a secluded villa in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, plum jam making was one session I was never going to miss. It turns out that making your own jam – with a fraction of the sugar found in store-bought jams – is more straightforward than you think. Here’s the 8 point jam plan…

Things Are Looking Up: 4 Places I’ve Truly Seen The Stars

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Aurora Borealis at Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2012 at Pyramid Island, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Aurora Borealis at Jasper Dark Sky Festival, Alberta, Canada by Yuichi Takasaka

If ever there was a time to call to mind a Hamlet soliloquy, I’d say mid-stargaze is that time.

Which of us doesn’t seek out beautiful night skies on our trips? Man by nature is in love with ‘this most excellent canopy the air…this brave over hanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire…this congregation of vapours.’

Yet ‘what a piece of work is a man’ indeed; the irony is that as light pollution prevents us from seeing the wonders of the night sky, we must go where men are not in order to truly see the stars.

Here are the four places I’ve ventured this year where man is wonderfully outnumbered by the stars in the sky…

Halen Môn – A Real Salty Sea Blog

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Halen Môn

Halen Môn – Not exactly your average food factory setting is it?

I like my food, but I’m no scientist. So when I’m invited to learn how the UK’s most famous sea salt is hand-made on the Straits of Menai I’m intrigued, but wonder if I’ll actually understand the process behind it all.

It turns out I’ve got nothing to worry about, as Halen Môn co-founder Alison Lea-Wilson tells me, making artisan sea salt ‘is science yes, but it’s also art.’