The Perfect Place To Stay in Brighton – Vine Street Studios

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Vine Street Studios Brighton

I often evangelise about the saving grace of apartment rental as opposed to hotel stays for a certain type of trip.

Usually I’m preaching to the converted but some people would need a miracle of water-to-wine proportions before they’d give up 24-hour room service, the breakfast buffet and a decent concierge (though perhaps not the in-room bible).

But even though the hotel versus apartment debate will run and run, and I’ll always worship boutique hotels and quirky B&Bs too, I’ve had something of an epiphany on a recent visit to Brighton: for the perfect large group trip finding the right rental apartment really is like discovering the God Particle

My Canadian Wish List

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Canadian Scenery by

Canada is one of those destinations that has steadily climbed up my wishlist over the years until it reached the very top and flailed its arms around furiously shouting ‘choose me, you have to choose me for your next trip!’

After meeting cool Canadians, working with colleagues from Toronto, travelling with folks from Vancouver and bumping into any number of people who couldn’t shut up about how brilliant Canada was, I finally decided I would spend some quality time there this year, and these are the three activities and places that have stood out for my big Canadian wishlist.

Where To Have (And To Hold) Tarantulas In Phnom Penh – Romdeng Restaurant

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Holding a live Tarantula at Romdeng

Holding a live Tarantula at Romdeng

I arrive at Romdeng restaurant ten minutes late as is my wont, but on this occasion I can’t blame the Northern Line.

Rushing through the streets of Phnom Penh on foot has left me a lot more sweaty than my usual subterranean dashes to London restaurants and I’ve never found my dining companion to have taken the liberty of ordering a round of deep fried tarantulas while they’re waiting for me in Soho…

How To Do A 10 Point End Of Tax Year Assessment – Travel Blogger Style

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Happy New Year

Chinese New Year Sign at Le Creuset, Hong Kong

This week a brand new tax year started, and those in traditional jobs have been running year-end assessments and shuffling spreadsheets left, right and centre.

So I thought I’d do some rather taxing assessments of my own and calculate the 10 best things I’ve done this financial year, and their real value – monetarily and of course in less quantifiable ways.

Here they are, my top moments of the tax year ending April 5th 2013. According to my calculations it was a good one.

Would You Take Your Shoes Off At Pol Pot’s House?

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Flips flops outside Pol Pots house.

Flips flops outside the last Khmer Rouge stronghold – removed out of respect or habit?

Like everyone else, I take my shoes off and leave them in the pile before entering the last place Pol Pot ever lived, out here in the Northern Cambodian district of Anlong Veng, nestled against the Thai border.

But this small and typically Asian behavioral detail, usually meant as a form of respect, is going against every fibre in my body, as I struggle against the urge to replace my flip flops with a huge pair of imaginary boots and trample through a place which is already sending shivers down my spine. 

Antwerp Photography: A Visual Essay On Belgium’s Capital of Cool

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Antwerp bicycles

Antwerp’s omnipresent bicycles

I make no secret of my somewhat controversial love affair with Belgium. Where others see Belgium as an ugly sister to France’s more deserving glass-slippered mademoiselle I see the destination as the unsung heroine; rather cute and easy-on-the-eye but distinctly self-aware and modest to a fault.

But outside the classic fairytale looks of Ghent, Bruges and any number of smaller Belgian towns, the city of Antwerp sparkles beyond just its diamond trade, and does the trendy urban thing like there’s no tomorrow. Take a photographic walk through the streets of Belgium’s ultimate too cool for school city with this selection of Antwerp photography…

My Five Favourite Places In Lanzarote

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Lanzarote’s Playa Blanca

Let’s be honest, most of us Brits think of Lanzarote – and the Canary Islands as a whole – as a fly and flop destination, full of sun loungers and cheap beer and not much else.

But the stark volcanic landscape of Lanzarote is peppered with jaw-dropping viewpoints, black beaches perfect for surfing and alien-looking national parkland plus Bond-esque lairs designed by local architect and artist Cesar Manrique. Find out why there’s more to the island than meets the eye with this list of my favourite places in Lanzarote

The Burma Tipping Point

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Burmese Flag

Burmese Flag on the Irrawaddy River by

Recently, while travelling without a set plan around Asia, one destination kept coming up time and time again – if there is such a thing as a tipping point, then for me, Burma has just tipped.

Everyone I talked to who’d been couldn’t say enough positive things about it and I began to formulate a plan in my mind to go, but somehow it didn’t quite happen for me on this trip, and honestly, I’m rather gutted.