Snow, Sculptures & Sunshine At Winnipeg’s Festival du Voyageur

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Festival du Voyageur

A very cool tattoo, quite literally, at Festival du Voyageur

‘Winnipegans just get on with it!’ I’m told as I travel with a group of fellow writers to Winnipeg’s famous February festival, Festival du Voyageur, in temperatures of -20. And that’s practically a heat wave for the Manitoban winter.

At that moment we overtake a committed cyclist; we’re all bundled up in our woollens despite being inside a car but the bike trundles its snowy path alongside us, proving that the people of the Manitoban capital really do have a Nike slogan-style attitude to life, whatever the weather…

Breaking The Ice – My Day Skating On Winnipeg’s Frozen River

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Historically my ice skating prowess has only ever extended to a couple of childhood trips to an ice rink;-quite an exotic destination in London I can tell you.

My main memory involves a teacher proclaiming we must be careful where we put our hands while lacing up lest we lose a finger to a passing rogue skate. Ouch.

So when it was clear that I was going to be spending some time in Canada I decided that I better learn how to spend some of that time on ice, without clutching onto the edges of the rink or wobbling uncontrollably in fear.

If travelling is all about adapting, what better way to adapt to Canada than to get comfortable using metal blades as a legitimate means of transportation?

And for the first time in my life I did just that on Winnipeg’s frozen river trail

Sneak Peek: Inside The Costume Closet At The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

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Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Inside the shoe room at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

It’s every little girl’s dream to play among the piles of colourful and intricate tutus and pink satin dance shoes hidden inside a ballet company’s closet – and as I discovered on a behind the scenes tour of  the Royal Winnipeg Ballet all that silk and tulle can reduce even a big girl to an excited squealing kid playing dress up all over again…