24 Hours In Calgary – A Day Horsing Around Cowtown

Written by Jaillan Yehia. Posted in Alberta, Americas, Art & Culture, Calgary, Canada, Continents, Food, Opinion, Worldwide Vacation

Stephen Avenue Calgary

Old and new architecture in downtown Calgary

Of all the clothes I own (in case you’re wondering, it’s a lot) those I buy on impulse, in a supermarket-sweep stylee, are the things I end up, if I can employ some Southeast Asian parlance here, loving longtime.

Maybe it’s the fact that when you’re in a hurry pure instinct takes over, but I’ve shopped for an outfit in 30 minutes in Manila and made better boutique choices than with a whole day at my disposal back home.

Sometimes travel works on the same principle; the less time you have to plan, the lower the expectations; the more you let your intuition be your guide, the better the outcome.

So I decide to try out the theory that when it comes to holiday planning less really is more, by heading to the Canadian city of Calgary armed with some Pounds (which get me a lot further now that each is worth $2) but zero plans.

During the world famous Calgary Stampede I would simply head for the 10 day long, 100 year old rodeo like everyone else, but on this smash and grab foray into the place they call Cowtown I decide to make like a horse and follow my nose…