10 Travel Lessons To Transform Your 2016 Trips

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Travel Lessons

Lesson 1: If you see this sign, you should probably follow it.

I’ve picked my own top 10 travel highlights from the last year and reverse engineered them to calculate just what made them so memorable and share my ultimate list of travel lessons to keep in mind while you plan your 2016 trips.

As travel addicts we want it all and we want it everywhere – but these 10 travel mantras will help you separate the ‘what if I go there?’ wheat from the ‘no, choose this place’ chaff.

See if you agree with my 10 travel lessons for 2016…

24 Hours In Calgary – A Day Horsing Around Cowtown

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Stephen Avenue Calgary

Old and new architecture in downtown Calgary

Of all the clothes I own (in case you’re wondering, it’s a lot) those I buy on impulse, in a supermarket-sweep stylee, are the things I end up, if I can employ some Southeast Asian parlance here, loving longtime.

Maybe it’s the fact that when you’re in a hurry pure instinct takes over, but I’ve shopped for an outfit in 30 minutes in Manila and made better boutique choices than with a whole day at my disposal back home.

Sometimes travel works on the same principle; the less time you have to plan, the lower the expectations; the more you let your intuition be your guide, the better the outcome.

So I decide to try out the theory that when it comes to holiday planning less really is more, by heading to the Canadian city of Calgary armed with some Pounds (which get me a lot further now that each is worth $2) but zero plans.

During the world famous Calgary Stampede I would simply head for the 10 day long, 100 year old rodeo like everyone else, but on this smash and grab foray into the place they call Cowtown I decide to make like a horse and follow my nose…

Things Are Looking Up: 4 Places I’ve Truly Seen The Stars

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Aurora Borealis at Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2012 at Pyramid Island, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Aurora Borealis at Jasper Dark Sky Festival, Alberta, Canada by Yuichi Takasaka

If ever there was a time to call to mind a Hamlet soliloquy, I’d say mid-stargaze is that time.

Which of us doesn’t seek out beautiful night skies on our trips? Man by nature is in love with ‘this most excellent canopy the air…this brave over hanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire…this congregation of vapours.’

Yet ‘what a piece of work is a man’ indeed; the irony is that as light pollution prevents us from seeing the wonders of the night sky, we must go where men are not in order to truly see the stars.

Here are the four places I’ve ventured this year where man is wonderfully outnumbered by the stars in the sky…

The Perfect Place To Stay In Lake Louise – The Post

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Lake Louise Hotel -The Post

The Perfect Lake Louise Hotel -The Post

It’s not often I want to italicise the word perfect, and even less often that a globe wanderer like me wants to return to the same hotel over and over again, but after experiencing The Post, nestled in the Bow River Valley amongst the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies I’m fighting the urge to do both. If you’re looking for the perfect Lake Louise Hotel, well you’ve come to the right place.

How I Ate & Drank My Way Around Western Canada (And You Should Too)

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Ready for the next meal, even while on the move? That sounds like me

When I made a mental checklist of all the things I was looking forward to about visiting Canada, stunning scenery was up there, epic train rides too – and exploring cool cities.

I just didn’t realise that the food in Vancouver and the surrounding area was to be one of the ultimate highlights of my time on Canada’s West Coast. Here’s an exhaustive list of everything that made me a Canadian cuisine convert. And I’m not talking about Poutine…

Rocky Mountaineer Reflections

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Reflections on The Rocky Mountaineer

Reflections on The Rocky Mountaineer

I’m on the Rocky Mountaineer Train – the rail journey of  a lifetime through the Canadian stretch of the Rockies – and as four days of jaw dropping views rhythmically float past me, I become obsessed with capturing the immense skies and screen-saver scenery as reflected with the glint of the sun in the side of the train.

These are, quite literally, my favourite reflections on the most epic rail journey you can imagine…