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Yotel Amsterdam Schiphol

YotelAir offers everything you would expect from a luxury hotel in a small space

If you’ve got early morning flight, are landing late, or just want to stay somewhere fun and functional without too much fuss, then you need to know about YotelAir hotels.

Yotel, invented by the same people who started the conveyor belt sushi chain YO! Sushi, have taken another Japanese idea – the concept of making hotel stays simple and miniature – and brought it to European airports.

The idea is you check in when you want, get everything you need from a hotel, like comfy bed and power shower, TV and internet, but don’t get a ton of extra sace you don’t need and don’t want to pay for.


The YotelAir hotels are revolutionising transits, short stays and layovers, and you can join in by trying out a stay in one of their cool Japanese-style sleeping cabins, which come with mood lighting and those all-important wake-up calls.



To help you discover the concept of smart affordable and compact hotel stays, as well as discovering a new city or destination in 2018, YotelAir are giving away a one-night stay at one of their airport properties – you can choose to spend the night in either Amsterdam Schiphol or London Gatwick.

To find out more about my experience at YotelAir properties check out this post on layovers on Amsterdam. Either location is perfect if you’ve got a long haul flight or a layover planned this year and are travelling via AMS or LGW.


The prize can be used at either hotel any day this year subject to availability, and includes the usual Yotel benefits of super comfy bed (that folds away electronically at the touch of a button) superior linen and flat screen TV.

There’s also an ensuite bathroom with monsoon shower, plus free wi-fi and unlimited hot drinks for you, and you can stay anytime of day or night to fit in with your transit times.


Some YotelAir hotels are landside – that means they’re in the airport terminal but before security. Yotel in Amsterdam airport is airside, which means that it is located after passport control so you can do all the time consuming elements of travel like having your bags scanned when you’re not rushing to catch a plane – and then chill out in your room right up until your flight time.

Gatwick Yotel is landside, so you can come and go as easily as you would at any hotel, and arrive at security as normal.


YOTELAIR HOTEL Competition – Win a stay at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport OR London Gatwick Airport  – How to Enter:



To enter simply leave a comment on this post saying which of the two YotelAir airport hotel locations you’d like to stay at if you won, and why. It’s that simple.

For additional entries you can also follow SavoirThere.com and YotelAir on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  – your name will be thrown in the virtual hat for every one of the entries giving you more chances to win.

PLEASE make sure you register your entries on rafflecopter (that’s the blue box below here) so that a winner can be drawn at random. This will take place on March 1st 2018.

The winner can choose a voucher for a one night stay in either a single or double cabin at either of the two YotelAir locations specified only, valid until 31st December 2018. The locations are Amsterdam (airside location) or Gatwick (landside location).

I’d love to know which you’d go for? Are you into visiting Amsterdam perhaps on the way to a far flung destination with KLM, or do you have plans for a flight to or from London Gatwick in 2018?

This is your chance to bag yourself a night of compact but chic #clevertravel for free!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:

Winner will be selected at random and announced on March 1st 2018. Stay must be completed by midnight on 31st December 2018. Maximum duration of stay is 20 hours, and booking must be made directly through Yotel.

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  • This is where you can leave a blog post comment to enter the competition. My entry comment would say ‘I’d choose London Gatwick because there are so many super-cheap early morning flights leaving from that airport – and I’d love to snap one up and fly somewhere new!’

  • Lucy Dodsworth

    I’d go for Gatwick – I fly from there quite often but live miles away so there’s always an early start even for an afternoon flight, so this would make things a lot easier!

    • Totally agreed Lucy! I live relatively close to Gatwick, but driving there, parking the car and taking a shuttle bus back again plus all the inevitable stress that goes along with it makes you tired before you even get on the plane. I loved staying at Yotel Gatwick instead!

  • Probably Gatwick – it’s so useful to stay over before an early morning flight!

    • 100% agree, I would not hesitate to book Yotel Gatwick before a morning flight next time.

  • dailyadventuresofme

    I am heading to Amsterdam next year! Too bad this needs to be used this year.

    • Oh what a shame – maybe you can sneak over there in 2018 too 😉 You really plan ahead that’s amazing. I can never plan my travels in such an organised way for some reason!

  • Chrysoula Manika

    Great competition! Amsterdam for me please! I am heading there in the following months.

  • Even though I live fairly near Gatwick, I’d pick that one for sure. I travel a lot and if I have an early morning flight the trains are so unreliable that I have to book a taxi. With this I could hope on the train the evening before and stay over! And I’d get a bit of a lie in too. Apart from that, I’d love to try it just for the fun of it!

    • Same here – I live fairly close to Gatwick, but when the flight is at 7 am that’s not much help is it?!

  • Gatwick’s my local airport so I’d pick that one. I fly into Gatwick at 5am later this month and then out of Heathrow 7 hours later – could be just what I need for some shut eye between flights!

  • Just checked out the website – looks fab. I think I’m gonna book this anyway. I was going to book the lounge but this is far better. I can shower and have a couple of hours sleep. Perfect solution! Thanks for the tip 🙂

    • Yeah that’s a good plan – they have one at Heathrow too so maybe get yourself to Heathrow and snooze there. I am a big lounge fan and love Priority Pass and some lounges you can access do have showers etc, but if you want sleep this is a better option.

  • Vivienne Chapleo

    Boy oh boy… Picking the Amsterdam Yotel or the London Yotel is too difficult! We would love to stay at both, but if we must choose = Amsterdam.

    • It’s a tough one, Amsterdam means you can connect with KLM onto somewhere even MORE exciting 🙂

  • Christina

    Gatwick! And now off to check out your guide to my new hometown.

    • You’ve moved to Amsterdam? Wow lucky you! Check out the blogger I mention at the bottom of the Amsterdam post, and also if you haven’t seen The Miniaturist a recent BBC adaptation of the book, nothing has made me drool over Amsterdam’s scenery more. Apparently much of it was filmed elsewhere, outside the city, so could be a good day trip for you!

  • Marysia

    AMSTERDAM SCHIPHOL AIRPORT definitely as would be a great excuse to visit Amsterdam.

    • My thoughts exactly: Amsterdam is always a good idea 😉

  • Victoria Veasey

    I would love to stay at the london hotel. It looks so well designed, fun and cooool! I imagine it’s like living in a comic book 😂

    • I stayed at the London Gatwick Yotel and yes it was actually pretty fun! Good luck 🙂

  • Rebecca Sharp

    I’d chose a YotelAir at London Gatwick. I live in the UK but I don’t live in London and I’m planning to have lots more trips this year and so many more flights go from the London Airport it would be great to have the option of staying overnight at a Yotelair to minimise the amount I’d have to travel in one day! 🙂

    • Good plan – early morning flights from any airport can be painful can’t they 🙂

  • I’d stay at the Amsterdam one because I have been wanting a trip over there for a while and I love the look of this hotel.

  • kim neville

    Gatwick airport as flying from there when we go on our holiday to Porteventura

  • Margaret Gallagher

    Yotel air london – would be the perfect start of my hoilay to orlando

  • Lydia

    I would love to stay in the Gatwick one. Would be a great start to a holiday.

  • Lucy Major

    I’d stay at the Gatwick one so that I can be closer to the airport before I fly on hols 🙂

  • Kirsty Greer

    LOVE to win the London gatwick stay as we are flying form there in October and would be great to stay the night before xx

  • I would love to win a single room at the Amsterdam location please

  • Rena Plumridge

    I’d stay at Gatwick

  • ADB

    Gatwick – stayed there with my daughter before an early fight to the states. She still talks about ‘the funny little hotel’ as one of the highlights of the trip

  • maci234

    Amsterdam Schiphol

  • honeymoon2012

    London Gatwick

  • lyndsey80

    london gatwick, i need to book a hotel stay for 1 night so this would be perfect

  • livelifedangerously87

    I’d stay in Gatwick – theres too many places to visit in Amsterdam but not so many convenient hostels in London.

  • Ritchie_Dee

    London Gatwick – before or after an early or late flight when going on holiday

  • Pete Cleasby

    Amsterdam, as it would be a great stayover place whilst enjoying Amsterdam itself for the day

    • It certainly is – just remember that as the hotel is airside you have to go through airport security which means no liquids 😉

  • Emily Belfield

    Amsterdam simply because I’ve never been!

    • You should definitely go, it’s a wonderful city.

  • Derek

    Gatwick as I often get early flights from there

  • Hayley Colburn

    I would love the London Gatwick stay, we often visit London to go to Chessington so it would be perfect as its less than half an hour away

  • Solange

    London Gatwick as we often fly from there.

  • what!!!

    london gatwick

  • Lynn Neal

    London Gatwick perfect for so many things!

    • Yes lots of places to go from there by car or by train.

  • robert mcintosh

    To be honest either location would suit as I have not made my final flight plans yet!

  • Charlotte Chappell

    London Gatwick please – will be ideal for my much anticipated upcoming trip to Hawaii!

    • Oh wow Hawaii, I’d be beside myself with excitement 🙂

  • I’d love to stay in Amsterdam!

  • Joo Dee

    booked to stay at one at Gatwick a couple of years ago, loved the fact can get into room at any time to suit, ideal for overnighter from USA, and didn’t have to wait for usual check in time. only downside, air con wasnt working in mid July!!! so had to cancel and move to regular hotel, but got refunded and was really impressed with the cabins!!

    • Oh no, broken air con is no good, I’m glad to hear they took care of you though. Yes the ability to book for anytime of day or night is a major pluspoint.

  • I’ve heard about these type of hotels in Japan, and love to try it out here in Gatwick.

  • Liz Martinez

    I would prefer Gatwick as we are more likely to use it

  • Mirjana

    I would love to stay at London Gatwick 🙂

  • simey68

    London Gatwick for conveniency

  • Kim Coate

    Love to stay at Gatwick

  • Alice ‘Jasper’ Smith

    Would be AMAZING to win the London Gatwick stay as we are flying form there in August and would be great to stay the night before in a cool hotel 🙂

  • Cherry Edwards

    London Gatwick please because I’m getting married next week, and will be travelling off on honeymoon in the Springtime

  • geoff clegg

    Gatwick, as I have yet to find a comfortable floor in this airport. Maybe i should just stop taking crack of dawn flights…

    • Lol, this could be a better solution than the floor!

  • Simon LC

    London Gatwick – would make traveling so much more relaxing

  • Laura

    Amsterdam Schiphol because I’ve never been to Amsterdam but would love to go!!

    • You should definitely go, it’s a lovely city 🙂

  • Fiona

    I would choose London Gatwick because it is the airport I use most

  • Paul Mse Green

    wow very Japanese could just about last 20 hours

    • You don’t have to stay all 20 hours you know 😉

  • sharon mead

    London Gatwick will be fab for my flights to athens this year

  • Patrick Quilty

    Amsterdam Schiphol i would love to visit there again

  • Sophie Lily

    Would love to stay in the London Gatwick in hopes tonuse it for a trip to visit my sister in Melbourne as she’s getting married in December . Havnt booked the flights yet though.

    • Flight to Melbourne is a long one, so a hotel at the airport beforehand is the way to go.

  • Sarah Rees

    London Gatwick as we fly from there in April to go on our holidays

  • Ellie Wood

    Gatwick as it’s nearer to us, and we’re looking to go to Rome in September

  • James Goodill

    Gatwick please!

  • Shaun Needham

    Gatwick, as I pass through frequently.

  • Carolyn99

    These look so cosy and are very convenient. It’s a fun way to start a trip, I’d love it!

    Gatwick please, I’m off in June from there.

  • ZARA

    This is a fab giveaway! I would adore to stay at London Gatwick as I have always wanted to go but have never gotten a chance so here it hopefully is! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Phil Darling

    London Gatwick please guys – be great not to have to drive for hours through the night

  • Ben Audsley

    Amsterdam Schiphol – i want to visit the van gogh museum!

    • There are so many wonderful museums in Amsterdam 🙂

  • David Paterson

    London Gatwick, before flying out on holiday

  • tabbaz

    I would love to stay at the Gatwick one as we are often flying from there BUT then again if we won the Amsterdam one it would give me a reason to fly somewhere different 🙂

    • Having stayed at both I’d recommend Gatwick if you use the airport often, it makes flying so much more relaxing.

      • tabbaz

        OH I am sure it will!

  • petehewitt

    I’d Love to stay at London Gatwick, Perfect for Work and Pleasure

  • Caz Blackburn

    Gatwick as we usually fly from there. Thank you

  • Claire Glace

    London Gatwick as we go from there every summer,looks cool! Thanks….

  • Daniel Cooper

    Superb hotels, love to stay at a YotelAir hotel, fantastic destinations, London Gatwick!!! fantastic prize

  • GATWICK please – we have an early flight from there to Portugal at Easter! 🙂

  • amanda

    deffo amsterdam! could make a break of it with the hubby and have some kiddie free time! 🙂

  • Brenda M

    London Gatwick as that is the airport we will be flying from to Venice in July 🙂

  • Mark

    Amsterdam Schiphol – Great Airport, would be a good point from which to explore the City

  • Jenny Barker

    Gatwick for me please

  • Julia

    Would love to stay at the one at London Gatwick before a flight to the USA!

  • Louise Asekokhai

    London please, I’m flying to Spain in March and Mexico in April so this would be perfect x

  • I’d love to stay at the London Gatwick Yotel, it looks like a really cool hotel 🙂

  • Char Keddy

    Gatwick for me as it’s our closest airport and we travel from there all the time! xx

  • Gayatri

    London Gatwick as it’s really useful for my family who travel from there all the time

    • Gatwick is a really popular airport for families isn’t it?!

  • debbie gilbert

    Gatwick as it would be perfect to stay befor departing – love to win this!

  • Marie Medler

    Amsterdam – because I’m moving there in October!!!!!

  • lesley

    Gatwick – have a few early morning flights booked, so this would be great!

  • Justine Edwards

    Gatwick would be my choice as perfect as coming from Isle of Wight always have to get a day flight or late night !

    • Interesting I never knew that about the IoW flight schedule!

  • Charlie

    Gatwick for me!

  • Barbara Knight

    I would choose Gatwick because we always fly from there when visiting our relatives abroad.

    • You’d definitely be able to make use of it then!

  • I’d love to stay at London Gatwick – we’re flying to Montenegro from there in May at 7am so it’d be great to be at the airport beforehand!

    • Oh fab, I’m just about to publish a new section about Montenegro, I loved it there 🙂

  • Claire Robinson

    Would love a stay in Amsterdam. Enjoyed reading about the YotelAir as somewhere I’d not thought of before ✈️🏨

    • I hadn’t considered it myself but now I definitely would for layovers.

  • georgie pope

    London Gatwick cos it’s near me!

    • Lots of people seem to live nearish Gatwick but would rather stay the night before!

  • Adrian Bold

    London Gatwick

  • Karen Usher

    Gatwick for me please, such a great idea! I hope that all airports will soon get something like this!

  • kathycakebread

    gatwick as we’re flying from there to amsterdam

    • Wow – so you could check both of them out on your travels 🙂

  • Nicky Pollard

    I would love to win a stay at the London Gatwick Yotelair hotel. Fingers crossed. xxx

  • Caroline Richards

    I’d love to win the chance to stay in London Gatwick before an early flight! I travel on business from Gatwick a lot and this would make the experience far more pleasant I’m sure!

  • Peskey78

    London Gatwick would be perfect.

    • Peskey78

      As we will be fly from GTW this yeah when we go to Athens.

  • michellelintern

    Would choose Gatwick for the perfect start to my next holiday