Love Luxury Travel? Cannes You Join Me For A Twitter Party?

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This is the actual spot in Utah where Thelma & Louise ends – cinema and travel really are great together.

Fancy joining me at a Twitter party?

The first ever #TBIN Twitter Chat is perfect for the luxury travel fans among you, and on April 4th 2017 we will be talking Cannes Film Festival forays, holidays to The French Riviera, and other luxury and cinematic travel experiences – I hope you can join me!

Themed around the question of what luxury travel means to you with the hashtag #DefineYourLuxury, we’ll be asking you to chime in on the subject of your ultimate luxury trips and favourite glamorous locations – and who doesn’t love the South of France?

Join me to chat about la belle vie and ask ‘Cannes you really define luxury travel?’ – if you’ll pardon the pun!

All you have to do to join in is follow the hashtag #DefineYourLuxury on Twitter on April 4th from 8 pm UK time.

Once you buy a Prada wallet you never go back. Well that’s how I found myself, even with a drawer full of other designer purses back home, shopping at Prada in Cannes.

My first trusty Prada wallet was looking a little worn and I happened to be on holiday on The French Riviera so I excitedly popped into the nearest branch to replace it –  and came out with a gorgeous new white leather Prada purse, perfect for the start of summer.

The fact that I purchased my new wallet in such a glamorous location made it feel extra special.

Only after leaving the store did I notice some commotion on the street. The branch happened to be right on La Croisette which is famous for the Film Festival in Cannes – and as I moved further toward the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès at the old port where the celebs hang out on the red carpet I noticed flashbulbs and a lot of limos.

That was when I realised that my trip, quite by chance, had coincided with Cannes’ most famous festival – and I felt privileged to get that close to the action.

There are a few locations worldwide which are synonymous with film – Sedona is one of them, but Cannes is the most glamorous.

I’ve yet to return to Cannes during the film festival, despite being a fan of film, a devotee of the South of France and a luxury travel enthusiast, but if I did go I’d like to think I’d be booking a trip with Chloe Johnston Experiences.

The US bespoke travel company are running the ultimate 5 day Cannes film festival travel experience for the 2017 festival – complete with backstage passes and parties and behind the scenes swankiness and to celebrate they’re inviting you to join them on Twitter to talk luxury travel.


TBIN Twitter Chat

To celebrate this unique once in a lifetime luxury travel experience, in conjunction with travel writer and blogger group The Travel Blogger Influencer Network will be co-hosting a Cannes themed Twitter party on April 4th 2017 – and you’re invited!

We will be talking all things French Riviera-related – from the festival itself to the idea of cinematic travel and asking you about your own ultimate luxury travel experiences and bucket list blow outs – whether they have been or will be inspired by Hollywood or glamorous locations like the French Riviera or not  – we want to hear about them!

HOW TO JOIN IN THE #Defineyourluxury twitter party

Where: Twitter

When: April 4th 2017 3pm in New York / 8pm in London – and we will be chatting for 1 hour

How: You can join in by following the hashtag #DefineYourLuxury

Who: The chat is hosted by @TBINChat in association with luxury travel experience company @byChloeJohnston.  Our moderators are me – @savoirthere, Viv @wavejourney, Rossana @rossanawyatt and Howard @backroadplanet.

What will we be chatting about: Defining what luxury travel means to you, swapping tips on travel to glamorous locations of The French Riviera and Cannes and asking what makes cinematic travel so appealing.

The questions are here for you to see in advance:

See you there!

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  • I love Twitter chats but rarely have to time to join them and, if I’m honest, I quite often just simply forget. This sounds like a good one so I will do my best to join you. Adding a reminder to my phone!

    • I know what you mean, but I think this one is right up your street!

  • I visited Sedona and loved all those old film posters lining the road – it’s so true that film and travel go hand in hand. I’ll try and get along on Tuesday and join in the fun 🙂

    • There was a lot of film history in Sedona wasn’t there? I hope you can join in the chat 🙂

  • Lucy Dodsworth

    Sounds like it’s going to be a good chat! (I’m out for a friend’s birthday on Tuesday but I’ll try and catch up later). Loved travelling around the film locations in the southwest USA, Monument Valley especially felt like being on a film set!